ABC Challenge #6: F for Facepalm

And you thought, I’d already given up? Not at all πŸ™‚ I’m back with F.

Back when I was new to twitter, I used to refresh the trends to see what was hot and happening, around the world. That is when theΒ hash-tagΒ ‘Facepalm’ caught my attention.Confused, I immediately went to Urban Dictionary, and this is what they had to say,

“The only logical answer to a stupid question or statement”

All my doubts were at peace when I read this line. Out of curiosity, I searched for it in Wikipedia, which has an opinion on almost everything and this is what Wikipedia said.(just try searching in Wikipedia for the most weirdest of terms, you’ll know)

“A facepalm (sometimes also face-palm or face palm) is the physical gesture of placing one’s hand flat across one’s face or lowering one’s face into one’s hand or hands. The gesture is found in many cultures as a display of frustration, disappointment, embarrassment,[1]shock, surprise or just plain sarcasm.”

Immediately after I read this, my mind switched to a flashback mode, sans a mosquito coil, as I kept recollecting some of my ‘facepalm’ moments.

*On the way back home from work, I was waiting at T Nagar bus terminus to board a bus. Just then I saw this over excited person, obviously not a tamilian, who kept talking loud enough for everyone to hear. I could understand that he needed to go to T Nagar. He seemed excited at the fact that all the buses in that terminus seemed to go to T.Nagar. He said’Strange place this is’. #Facepalm.

* A friend of mine was staying in this posh service apartment during her initial months of training at work. Once she was explaining to a certain X, in detail about the lengthy process involved, how the laundry works there and roughly about how to get it done. After listening to her for 15 minutes, X had asked,” I have one question, would the same thing work for even one single shirt?’. #Facepalm.

*Come Client visits and you can really see people (of all ranks) running about here and there to get work done to make sure that everything remains or at least seems perfect. A colleague of mine told me about an incident that happened a year before. The housekeeping were given the task or shredding all the used papers (a standard security practice). Our wonderful people, instead of passing it through the shredder, used it as another dustbin and dumped all the papers there. The papers and the information,Β remainedΒ much to the annoyance of the Admin Team #Facepalm.

* If you’ve been following my posts, you would know how often I end up laughing, most of the time,for no apparent reason. I have this habit of irritating my friends by laughing out loud, just after they say “Hey , listen to this funny story”. So the other day, I was with my friends, having coffee, laughing like a maniac for something funny that had happened. Out of nowhere this friend comes along and says, “You guys, something really funny happened, you would have no idea”, and the rest they say is History. I was laughing on and on for 10 minutes(Inertia you see, I continued to laugh at what happened previously). My friend, #Facepalm.

So any memorable #Facepalm moments for you?

P.S : Really happy to see the amount of support and encouragement from all you wonderful bloggers/readers for this challenge. Our very own Binu Thomas, who has also been following up this challenge, suggested that the readers suggest posts for me to write in the upcoming letters. That was a cool idea, plus it would save me the trouble to think of something to write. So all you wonderful people, kindly leave your suggestions, if you have any, along with your comments. Thank you :-). You time and efforts are appreciated.

P.P.P.S : I’m sorry for not being able to read all your blogs. Work is crazy, round the clock, with no time to breathe even during the weekends. Will get back to all the posts that I missed. Keep writing πŸ™‚

40 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #6: F for Facepalm

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  1. Facepalm might be the younger cousin of faceslaps (thalayila adichikardhu!). Of the later, I have had a lot of experiences. Fortunately, none of them are recent. I guess I was in a perpetual facepalm situation during my 4 years of engineering, wondering if I'll ever be able to make sense of anything taught in that course πŸ˜›

    Destination Infinity


  2. Facepalm , interesting views you have. Well looks like one has to be in the mode of face palm these days with all that is happening around.

    I would not suggest something to you to pen on , rather wait for something to fall into your mind .


  3. Ashwini, you should join me in the laughing contest..we both can compete equally…may be you'll win because I'm getting older by day πŸ™‚ my face palm moments….umm..sleepy now…not remembering anything…so, the next alphabet is 'G' right? G for gifts…G for Greedy…G for Girls..okay too much choice is also not good..face palm moment, whenever my son asks questions in the class or meetings which are stupid or rather not so intelligent..:)


  4. I think, all of our life is full of such #facepalm expressions! Either it happens to us, or we see that happening to someone else!
    For some alphabets which you find it difficult to find words, try any film names, and review them, or any books. I remember hunting for things and words when I was doing this project. It was very challenging. I used to look around myself, observing, and as if screening all the items with my xray eyes!


  5. My facepalm moment comes when I watch a soccer / cricket match on TV.. If one of my fav batsman loses his wicket and especially when he is bowled, I immediately enact the facepalm expression.. When the team I follow (Arsenal) concedes ones goal due to defensive error – that's another facepalm moment for me! πŸ˜€

    As for “G” – why not try “Google”.. This innovation has been our go-to friend throughtout our graduation / post graduation and was always there when we needed! πŸ˜€


  6. The description is good and complete. But the title of the post look odd and not relevant to the post. It should have been A-Z or something like A-2-Z. You have kept it as ABC's Challenge and describing other letters. Don't get angry. It is my suggestion.


  7. No problem πŸ˜€ take your time and get back to us soon πŸ˜€ BTW you dont give up do you πŸ˜€ superb post… loved it πŸ˜€ I cant imagine how posts will flow further down the alphabet lines πŸ˜€ #Facepalm πŸ˜› surprised!!!

    G – Ghost, Gamble, Grin, Game, Guts, God,
    lol you are now FACEPALM


  8. I can't recall any facepalm moments as I am not a gesture person in real life but in virtual many. BTW, thanks to internet we have one or other interesting word every now and then. And you are doing good with ABC challenge. πŸ™‚


  9. Haha when I text people face-palm, I spend a lot of time explaining what it is to them. Now I just stopped using it.

    P.S – I sent you an email to the address you have in the contact me section.

    P.P.S – I changed my blog's URL. You might want to update it in your link list.


  10. Very True Anu. It keeps happening around us , someway or the other.

    And thanks for the quick tip. I was seriously wondering what I was going to do with a few tough letters. Thank you πŸ™‚


  11. quite interesting…..i hav missed your many ABC challenge posts as i am not very consistent in blogging these days…will try to read them though…they look so interesting….. πŸ™‚


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