ABC Challenge #7 : G for Good Samaritans

Yes you read it right. Plural it is.

There are many of them out there who still believe in ‘Doing good’ and helping others, even if they do not see themselves gaining anything from it.

Despite popular belief, Good Samaritans do exist at this day and age. In fact, we do come across so many good Samaritans every day, but we fail to recognize them.

Like, there was this Old man on the bus, travelling with me. I’ve seen him quite often in the same bus,  but haven’t spoken with him. One day, he had forgotten to bring his purse. The conductor, who was also familiar with the Old man, did not know what to do. Just when the Old man was contemplating getting down from the bus to avoid embarrassing the conductor, another regular traveler offered to pay for his ticket and even gave him an extra 500 bucks so that he wouldn’t have to travel empty handed. The old man was overcome with gratitude but refused to accept it. After a few minutes of persuasion, the person who offered the money, told the Old man, that he could very well return the money the next day. Having heard that, the Old man was happy and he accepted the money with the promise of returning it the very next day. There you go, I saw a Good Samaritan that day.

Another day, I was with this friend of mine, who is extremely sensitive and emotional. We were walking to the cafeteria for lunch when we overheard a conversation between two housekeeping staff. We did not know what exactly was going on, but we could make out that there was a problem in one of the person’s home , as a result of which she hadn’t eaten breakfast and was left with no other option than starving for lunch as well. The other person who was listening offered to share with her the little food she had, but the first person refused and asked her to carry on. My friend saw this, went up to the lady and without uttering a word, just handed over her lunch bag and asked her to eat. The housekeeping staff refused to tried to return the lunch bag, but my friend would hear nothing about it. She took my hand and we both walked away from the corridor. I turned back to see tears of gratitude from her. I saw a Good Samaritan in my friend, that day.

This is just to point out two among the numerous other incidents that I come across, almost on a daily basis. I am neither qualified nor experienced enough to explain that wonderful feeling that takes place when one witnesses such acts of kindness from random strangers, to random strangers. People who seem to appear from heaven, just to make a difference in the lives of others, in a small way, yet impacting the other in a big way. Just witnessing all this, makes me feel happy and content and inspires me to follow their lead, when faced with a similar situation. The heavy heart seems to become lighter and the congested soul seems to breathe a lot easier, on seeing such people.

People say that there is nothing more than the joy of making your beloved ones smile. I beg to disagree. If there is something much more than that, it is to make a random person smile. For all you know, you might be the reason they’re smiling for the first time in many days.

God bless those humanitarians.

36 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #7 : G for Good Samaritans

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  1. All my friends are pathetic. Only thing they'll do is laugh at anyone who does a small act of goodness. But I've had some experiences where a little good (i did) came back to me ten times over. At the least, it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

    I should try doing something good to strangers too, but I am always doubtful if the person in need is really in need or is faking it. There are a lot of fakers around me, BTW.

    Destination Infinity


  2. “People say that there is nothing more than the joy of making your beloved ones smile. I beg to disagree. If there is something much more than that, it is to make a random person smile. For all you know, you might be the reason they’re smiling for the first time in many days.”

    These lines pretty much sum up things.

    Helping our kith and kin is not a big deal because we are supposed to do it. But extending a helping hand to a person you barely know is an act of great kindness and can be done only by someone who has a really, really BIG heart.

    The world is a better place to live in only because of such kind-hearted souls. God bless them.

    Good post, lady!


  3. Absolutely true! A smile costs nothing but means so much and it not only makes our day to see all the good around but also inspires us to do good ourselves… God bless these noble souls who make this world a truly beautiful place to live in.


  4. I do not think the “experience ” ( your word) is necessary to understand these little good things that may matter much to someone. A sense of empathy and basic commonsense is enough to understand the value of a good deed, gesture, how so ever insignificant they seem to some.

    And I see you are fortunate that you understood and felt the radiance of the day.


  5. I liked reading this 🙂 🙂 I believe that people are always around to do good deeds 🙂 I do not know if you've heard of the Your Turn Now! movement in Mumbai which encourages people to spread kindness to strangers 🙂 🙂

    I agree with you – there is no greater joy in the world than bringing a smile on another person's face – the person can be your loved one 🙂 (let's not undermine their importance) but it can also be some stranger whom you barely know!


  6. It is always great to hear such uplifting tales of good deeds, small and seemingly insignificant though they may be, amid the constant gloom and doom. And isn't it nice that we never forget people's generosity for a lifetime?
    Very nice, simple and meaningful post.


  7. There maybe still some good hearted people left in this world, who genuinely care for other people. But sometimes I wonder, whether these random acts of kindness are really selfless, I mean will people offer to help other people if they don't gain anything from it? I am not talking about materialistic gains like money but I feel people help other people because they want to feel good about themselves. Its not the case every time but I have encountered such cases too. Which makes me question these selflessness of these random acts of kindness. 🙂

    Hope I am second time lucky in posting this comment. 😉


  8. I agree Ashwini. There are many good Samaritans around us. Infact, there are occasions when we behave as one without even realzing it. I have experienced some much needed help in one situation. And I still haven't forgotten the person!


  9. Lovely post and for the very reason of existence of such good Samaritans there is some humanity and love left in todays world 😀

    BTW Madam you made us all give you so many ideas for G and then you choose the best one from your own list 😀 hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Good job ashwini will wait to see rest of the alphabets to flow


  10. Nice. I have seen people like this. But thanks for knowing the term Samaritans. I don't know how to describe suck people before reading your post. Learned a new thing. Thanks dear.


  11. The experiences might not be necessary, but wouldn't that leave an impact on us, at least to a small extent, when we see such people rendering a helping hand to those in distress?


  12. Second time lucky 🙂

    Well I cannot speak for everyone here, but if you look the situation, you would know that the people who offered to help, had less than a second to think. So I would like to believe that it was a spur of the moment reaction, and these actions are normally from the sub-conscious mind. So, I dont think they look to gain something from it.


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