ABC Challenge #8 : H for Humor

Humor is not something that everyone is good at, nor is it something that everyone can appreciate.

Despite the general perception, if you can appreciate the humor in any situation that comes your way, you would come to realize that life is a lot more fun. It would actually amuse us, if we get to see the lighter side of all things in life. I don’t mean just reading jokes and laughing , Generally we laugh when we find something funny or something funny happens to someone.But above this, is the ability to be able to laugh at oneself. Not necessarily sarcastically or in the satirical sense. It is always easy to laugh at one’s own problems and keep it off our minds, rather than give it unnecessarily importance and choke ourselves.

The essence of “laughing at oneself” is that, it might not solve all your problems in a jiffy, but it wouldn’t scare you out of your wits. It would help you think about the problem with a calm mind. A panic stricken mind can do you more harm than anything else.When you take things lightly when they happen ,sans all the drama and emotions, even if it is something extremely serious, what matters is how you plan to face the problem and not how you react for it.

If at all you have a problem, the damage is already done. There is no point fussing over spilt milk. All that can be done is to ensure that the necessarily arrangements are taken to see to it that the defects are fixed. (While proof reading the article, I noticed that I’d used the phrase”defects are fixed” ,when I actually meant “problem is resolved”. Ah, these IT habits and terms :D)

Try seeing the lighter side of everything, your mind and heart would definitely feel lighter.(Without the need for all those cooking oils)

Speaking of which, I’ll leave you with two among the many other funny incidents that have happened in my life, which evoke laughter from even people with a serious disposition. I realized that if I worked a bit smart with all these incidents, I could actually see myself as a Standup comedian. But Stand Up comedy is so much hard work than it actually seems and so I decided to resort to the easiest way available. Blog about it rather than talk about it.

When I was in Kindergarten. At my Grandpa’s place.

My mom’s parents used to live in this huge house that had a garden, a corridor leading the big hall , that eventually meets the kitchen. It was around tea time and my Grandpa was enjoying his strong cup of tea at the garden. I happened to be sitting beside my grandpa in the steps near the garden and I said,

“Grandpa, I also want to drink Tea”.

He was such a sweetheart; he offered me his full cup of Tea.

I said “I don’t want the whole cup, just give me half a cup”

He said, “Go to the kitchen and ask Grandma for a cup and saucer”.

I went to the Kitchen, asked Grandma for a cup. I was walking back to Grandpa, holding the cup by the handle with my forefinger and thumb, and  the cup was dancing away to glory. Just a step before I reached where Grandpa was sitting, the cup fell down and broke (I swear till date,  I did NOT drop it, It fell off, on its own).

My Grandpa smiled at me, and asked me to leave the cup there and to get another cup from Grandma.
I walked back to the kitchen again and asked Grandma for another cup.

“But I gave you a cup just now, what happened to that cup”

“It broke Paati”

An over anxious grandma asked, “Broke? But how did it break?

I promptly took another cup and before my Grandma could react, I dropped the cup and said,

“This is how it broke”.

2nd Grade.At School.

By God’s grace and Mom’s hard work, I very luckily managed to get an O grade. That was awarded for students who secured above 90 percent. As was the norm, the Rank cards for us were to be given in the Morning Assembly. When my name was called, the Principal and my Class Teacher were talking on and on about something (sometimes people just don’t know when to stop: D). I got pissed off, snatched the Rank card from the Principal’s hand and ran away.

There you go, not only did I laugh at myself, I’m sure I succeeded in making even some of you laugh 🙂


40 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #8 : H for Humor

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  1. They give rank cards during the assembly? Thankfully, I did not study in your school 😛

    It is true that humour lightens our mind. Most of the times, we become anxious due to our assumptions and fears. If we can take things lightly, we can save a lot of energy.

    There are some people who can't enjoy a joke, unless it is some kind of sadistic one. I feel that these are the most unblessed people.

    Destination Infinity


  2. You chuckled me pink with those anecdotes, Ash. Seeing the lighter side of things certainly helps and though its not easy always, but the least we should do is try… life indeed becomes so much fun and easier to live like that 🙂


  3. The second incident was audacious and you were a trifle lucky to be let off for your impudence.

    The crux of the post is though the best option in life is also the most difficult and doesn't come easy to every one. It doesn't come easy to me , I get tensed and is prone to being disturbed, though I have so far managed to stand on my feet through.

    Seeing the humorous side of adversities and things in life , laughing things away and to take matters in one's stride is indeed the wisest option.

    I think such traits are more in the genes . Or can one develop the character?


  4. Hi Ashwini. Having seen your blog on the Musing site I thought I'd pop over and say hello. Interesting thought on humour, laughter is indeed a great medicine though what one person finds funny another may not. Nice to meet you, I've enjoyed my visit, PW.


  5. He who laughs at himself will have no rivals!

    Nice post Ashwini. I am also a firm believer in laughing away at my troubles. But you know, there are people who misunderstand the casual behavior. They feel its because we are not serious about our lives and hence we make fun of everything happening to us.. They have a point, but its not correct, is it? 🙂


  6. Ranks for the toppers 😀

    On an average almost everyone is subjected to stress and depression. What matters is how people handle it. Whether they take it too seriously, or whether they take it lightly. And yes, Lucky are those who can enjoy and laugh at a joke, a good joke.


  7. It's got to do with the mind , Anil. Believe me, I'm not asking people to take everything lightly, but taking things light will always work in our favour,since it would not burden us unnecessarily.


  8. Like that “This is how it broke” 🙂
    Yes laughing at small things is something that we miss out on at times. Luckily for me I am surrounded by people who are on that “happy happy” side and its rubbing off on me.


  9. HAHAHA, that was funny!

    We all know that humor is the best medicine there is. It heals and makes us all feel good about us and the world.

    You've beautifully brought that out in this post.

    Keep blogging! Cheers! 🙂


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