(Dear Grammar Nazis, kindly excuse my intentional errors, for this post alone)

After writing about H for humor, I thought I would follow it up with another post of the same theme. So here it is, our very own language, customized to the needs of the Indian Soul, Inglish :Indian English.

Indians are a funny breed. Seriously funny I tell you. In the past two weeks I’ve watched more than 2 videos on how funny Indians are and how even more funny their English is. So I’ve compiled a list of certain phrases that are considered typically Indian. Not necessarily erroneous ones, just a different way of speaking.

Here you go,

  • Yes I’m sure(pronounced shhuvar).
  • What is this yaa?
  • I told you no?
  • Why are you keep on (oooon) Asking me this question?
  • You also got the same phone Ah? Me too yaa. Same to same.
  • Now I am Totally(Totttaly) Confused.
  • Yes huh? No huh?
    Why ya?
  • I just cannot able to take it anymore.
  • I cannot cope up with him.
  • You will itself speak like this means, what will others say?
  • If I say go means, you will go away ah?
  • Your(Yuvar) sweet name?
  • A B C D E F G H(etch)I J K el em en o peeee (elemenopeee)
  • Why are you silent? Tell tell.
    It’s okay yaar. Tell.
    Tell means tell.
  • What is there in this and all?
  • What did I do to you? Why are you doing this to me?
  • Why are you asingapadithifying me like this?(Chennaites, this one is for you :-))
  • Will you please stop mokkai-pottufying?
  • Please go away. Go da. Go.
  • Add little(pronounced littil) salt to it. That ‘littil” is always pronounced with a lot of emphasis on the tt.
  • All my sister-in-laws have come today.
  • Don’t add fastly. Add oil slowly(ssllooowly).
  • Hello, even I know this okay.
  • Don’t put too much scene ok.
  • If I get angry no,  even I don’t know what I will do.
  • You came back from the movie so soon huh?

Finally, I’ll leave you with an incident that my friend told me. When my friend was travelling to Bombay, he came across this conversation.

Flight Security : “Sir, your boarding pass please?”
Passenger: “No pass. Full ticket I took. Here.”

A little later, the frequent flyers were headed to the Lounge for lunch. Our passenger thought it was for all. One airport staff stopped him  and asked for his Frequent flyer card. Once he told he did not have any such card, he was told that he was not eligible for the lunch at the Lounge.

The furious passenger had then said, “Here, take your boarding pass, I don’t want”

Seriously funny people no? tell me no? 🙂


(If you are really interested in knowing more such Indianized phrases, kindly watch a few videos here)