We’ve heard it time and again but there is so much to it than what meets the eye. Life is an enigma to most of us. It’s not something we read about and watch the events unfold. It takes its own course and prefers to have its own turns and twists. Clueless and unpredictable as it may see to the untrained eye, Life exactly knows what it is doing and where it is headed to. It’s just that a normal human is incapable of trying to deciphering it to a T.

Life works in a very strange way. It gives you something when you don’t ask for anything and refuses to give you  something when you desperately need it , or when you think you desperately need something. When racing down the road, we have a vision of what lies in front of us. But Life lies a step higher and it has a vision of not just what lies immediately in front, but what lies in the impending future as well. So life is poised in a strategically comfortable position to make choices for us, most of the time, right choices. But we are oblivious to this fact, of course.

Someone rightly said that Life teaches us some of the most valuable lessons ever. True. Life has managed to teach lessons which cannot be learnt through any other means. It is stereotyped that we learn a lesson only after making a mistake. I beg to disagree. If we are wise enough to see through every situation, we would learn numerous different lessons even from a simple situation. It all depends on the way we look at things and whether we are ready to learn or not. It all comes down to the choices we make.

Speaking of choices, Life is doesn’t work in an autocratic manner. Instead, at every juncture, Life would be kind enough to give us choices and leave the decision making to us. Even after this, some of us tend to blame the consequences of our actions and decisions on a so called “destiny”. Remember, we are accountable for every little thing that happens in our lives. It happens only because we allow them to. There is no point blaming something else for our mistakes and miscalculations.

Just today, I heard this wonderful quote. “Life is going to knock us down, it all depends on us whether we get up and fight back or not”. Sooner or later, life would definitely throw some challenges at us just to see how we react. I always believe that we are tested based on what we are capable of. If the going gets hard, we can happily conclude that Life has seen our potential and thinks that we would stand the test of times. Some of us take it up as a challenge and take it as an opportunity to prove to the world what we’re capable of. To prove it to every other person who had ridiculed us in the past, or to those who simply kept demotivating us just because we were considered ordinary. These tough situations extract the best from us and help us showcase it. These situations shape our lives and help us rediscover ourselves. It even helps us know who we truly are, something that even we might not have been aware of. At the end of this we either accomplish our task successfully or gain hands on experience, valuable experience from the incident.

A friend of mine recently asked me If all was fair in Life. If we truly believe that we are here to learn something from every second of Life, yes Life is fair. In the end it all comes down to the perspective of an individual. And I truly believe, Life is definitely fair.   We should we smart enough to see what we are blessed with.

So, what do you think?