It totally slipped my mind. 

I had too many things loaded on my plate. I had to walk on a tightrope and balance the heavy plate on one hand. It was too much. It was taking a toll on my health and my mind. One day, out of the blue , it dawned on me that this April, I would have been blogging for 6 years. Yes, you read that right. 6 years. 6 wonderful years . As cliched as it might sound, I felt it that it was just the other day that I was writing a letter to my blog for having completed 5 years. Time flies. Indeed. 


This year was very special to me and my blog. My blog and I have come a long way. We grew together , made mistakes together and learnt from them together.Initially I thought I should probably write what others would like to read, then I realized, I should probably stick to my ground and write for myself first, and write what my heart tells me to. My blog has been a wonderful parent. It does all the hard work, but when appreciation comes pouring, it redirects everything to me. When criticism comes by, it takes the responsibility and stands defending me, blindly. I owe so much to my blog. It has carved an identity for me. I can now call myself a Blogger and be proud of it. Thanks to my blog. 

The statistical aspects of the blog were really surprising and I was happy that people from all over the world(yes, blogger tells me so!) read my blog.It’s even special when those wonderful people give their comments and feedback apart from spending time to read the blog. Some people even go beyond and mail me about my blog. I’ve saved every one of those mails and I cherish reading them again and again.I almost feel like a celebrity every time someone says “Hey, I happened to read your blog. You have a good blog!” I would sincerely like to thank every person who has felt that my blog is worth their valuable seconds and minutes. I appreciate it and I am grateful to each and every one of you.

So, what’s special for the 6th year? I’m going to share 6 lessons which my blog has taught me over the years. 

#6. People always have something to say. If you want to feel good, take the appreciation. If you want to grow, take the criticism. But remember, you need to maintain a balance in life. 

#5. Always reflect on how long you’ve come from when you started. Think on terms of growth.More than having 10 readers in 2 years, it is good to have 3 reader in the first year and 8 years in the second year. 

#4.Things might not always turn out the way you might have predicted them to. Perseverance pays.

#3.Be consistent. One outstanding post followed by a crappy post is not going to help. With every post, you raise the bar of your readers’ expectations. Never sit back to rest on your past laurels.

#2. Don’t expect to accomplish something with just one post. It takes much more than that.

#1. Put your heart and soul into something that you are passionate about. Even if no one is going to notice you, you would be happy. After all, it is your life! 

Here’s to my Blog, my best friend, and my wonderful philosopher.

Cheers 🙂