This one is for Me.

I had to write this.

How would it feel to be standing at the place you’ve dreamed of? How would it be to stand there without having to owe anyone anything except perhaps your Mom? How would it feel to have accomplished something all by yourself, through sheer hard work and perseverance without an iota of luck? How would it feel to have climbed all the rungs in the ladder, all by yourself without having to even bother asking others for a favor? How would it feel to stand there and bask in the light of success and realize that you’ve accomplished a feat and that you alone the reason for it to happen?

Out of this world, I tell you. 

Yes, I’m exactly in the position I’ve described above. It took me days, months and years to get to where I’m standing now. To accomplish something and to get recognized for it without taking help is indeed a tough job. The results might not be instant. But after years of patiently waiting for things to unfold the way you wished they would, that feeling, just to be standing there, is simply ecstatic. 

I wouldn’t want to insult myself by weighing the achievement and wondering if it was a substantial one or if it was something insignificant. I’ve worked hard for it and I’m happy to see myself at exactly the place where I visualized I would be, a few years back. So, small or big, it is indeed something close to my heart and I will treasure it for the days to come.

This is one answer for all those days when I wondered whether I’m treading on the right path or not. Days spent in frustration when others ridicule you for not having accomplished anything have an answer now. Those silent moments when your heart knows that something good would turn up eventually, but your mind doesn’t find the words to comfort you. The

As human beings, we tend to give up, very easily, at the slightest disruption of our flow of thought. Somehow somewhere someone told me to learn to trust and keep faith on ourselves and our mission. The winds might not blow in your direction. It might blow against you, troubling you all the more in the process, but that does give us an idea of worst that we’re yet to face when it comes to reality. In short it prepares us for what might crop up in future.

In Life, there are so many minute incidents that take place, which we might miss out. But life teaches us something or the other in every little incident. It is up to us to take what life is offering. And it is up to us to take it in the right perspective. Everyone is blessed with one life, however what people make out of it, is what matters and that is where the difference lies. It all depends on how we are willing to let ourselves grasp the lessons in life. 

It short, life is what we make out of it. So give yourself the credit or take responsibility for what happens, when you either get what you wanted or you are still a few miles away.

And finally, when the day comes, when you get what you want, just forget about every little thing and enjoy the moment. Cherish it, till you can, till it lasts.

P.S. No, I’ve not won the Nobel Prize. Just celebrating something very close to my heart. Will post in detail, soon 🙂

34 thoughts on “This one is for Me.

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  1. Very glad to know you are at that moment, Ash. A very proud moment in deed, isn't it? Would love to know more…waiting for the next part 🙂 Until then, rejoicee….:)


  2. Happy and proud of you. When we achieve something that has been on our mind for many many months, it is the greatest gift given by providence to us. Celebrate to your heart's content and rejoice.

    And, like the previous commenter, even I'm waiting for that detailed post.

    Joy always,


  3. Congrats. It feels great to have accomplished something, especially the way you describe it. But do remember that life is an AC wave – it keeps oscillating from -ve to +ve!! 🙂 But, don't forget to bask in glory and celebrate while in the peak. These are memories you will cherish for a long time. So, congrats once again 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  4. Your joy and satisfaction at achieving what you had set out to do was so palpable in this post!
    I am very happy for you…congratulations!


  5. The moment to give back to those people who thought we could not achieve anything! Nice Ashwini. Here's one word of advice (from someone who's still searching for his moment) – Don't give it back tit-for-tat.. You are far better than them, time to show it with your actions 🙂


  6. Small accomplishments are really the stepping stones to bigger success and cherishing each such moment is worth it Ashwini:) Was very happy to see your pic of TED talk:)


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