ABC Challenge #15 :O for Opinion

Everybody has an opinion on something. Earlier people never expressed their opinion unless they were asked about it, since there was no particular medium available for everyone. Thanks to the advent of the Social media, these days it is easier for people to express their thoughts and make it known to the world. Well there is nothing to blame about here. People have a right to express their opinion(or that is what I think).

But the problem is when people give their opinion about something and others try to justify why a particular person’s opinion was wrong.

For instance let’s say Michael reads a book and he decides to review it in his blog. He would naturally write about how he felt the story was and whether the book was worth reading. That is fine. Let’s say Michael gives a positive review for the book, but another guy Lincoln did not like the book and has a different opinion. Upon reading Michael’s blog, if he expresses his opinion and leaves, that is fine. But when he gets to the task of arguing with Michael with the sole aim of trying to point out that he was wrong, that’s when things take a bad turn.

This is what happens in most of the cases. Be it a book or a movie or a cricket match. Some people are so arrogant and stubborn that they wouldn’t want to hear someone speak one word against them. If ever someone happens to speak, they start arguing very badly and of course, divert to other things and make a big issue of nothing, or worse blog about it, not justifying why they are right, but trying to prove why the other person was wrong about something.

One thing people forget is, just as how we are entitled to have an opinion, so do others. Not everyone is same and naturally not everything would go well with everyone. There is bound to be a difference of opinion. No one would ask you to agree with what the general crowd says. We have our right to agree and to disagree. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to prove others wrong and go out of our way to do that. Each one has their own perspective and they might actually be right in their own way. 

So, to all those people who take it upon themselves to prove why others are wrong, do not waste your time. Someone up above would know how and when to teach them!

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35 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #15 :O for Opinion

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  1. Your post made me realize that expressing our opinion and stopping others from expressing theirs are two different things. When we use the first as a 'tool' for the purpose of the second, we have arguments.


  2. Sharing one's opinion publicly and willingness to have an open discussion on the same is the sign of maturity. The people who are 'hell-bent' on proving other's wrong and themselves right will also get there. Give them some time 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  3. Expressing opinions is easy sometimes and difficult at others. True, we don't have to agree with others' opinions all the times. It all depends on how smartly you argue and win the discussion. Some people are extra ordinarily talented in doing it and some argue going no where..But criticism for everything is not agreeable.


  4. These days everyone has an opinion but very few respect an opinion which is not in line with theirs. Your post is a must read for everyone who thinks and has an opinion worth sharing.

    All the best for the rest of the letters.

    Joy always,


  5. Ashwini it is always a pleasure to read well structured thoughts and words of maturity way beyond your age!!Being level headed in this strange world is now a challenge:)


  6. Foremost, I agree with you that each one of us have the right to opinion. And by the same yard stick, we have the right to agree or disagree with another. It is when disagreement is expressed the argumentation or debate begin. I do not see something wrong about that and one should not be offended by that or some disagreeing, though I personally do admit that I do sometimes feel annoyed when I hear an opposite opinion to mine. However that has to be taken in ones stride.
    Secondly, if one expresses an opinion then you must have the wherewithal to rationalize yourself and merely with display of arrogance one should not defend one’s opinion. Obstinacy of the primate!
    I was fascinated with the dictum of Bertrand Russell. He said, “If you are unable to prove your point, then suspend your judgment”. He also said, “I’m not prepared to die for my belief, because tomorrow , I may be proved wrong”.
    I guess obstinacy even in the face of light is pretty foolish.


  7. Giving opinion is everyone's right. It also helps the person who gets every opinion to judge his way. So the person who gives opinion can just give it and leave the rest for the others to accept it or not. Waste of time in arguing.


  8. Yes, it is really annoying when you see a person, think differently than you. Usually in blogs too I have seen big arguments regarding whatever has been said by the author, and it doesn't end there, for the author starts taking his arguments further to prove what he has written is right.
    I know we all have a tendency to behave like this only, but sometimes i think if a person has a different opinion we must just leave it at that and think that everyone has the right to have their own opinion which need not be the same as mine. life is too short to waste it on getting worked up by these small things. I would say, “just move on”


  9. Ah Silly people! They are like “suriyana pathu nai koraikara” types! You know what I mean. They never stop complaining about others, and just think that their opinion is the correct one! After knowing they are that types, I just end the conversation..its such a time waste to even talk with them!!


  10. Your post reminded me of what my Mom always says – She says ” You may be smart, but do not consider, the other person to be a Fool”.

    When people try to prove others wrong, they are in a way- suggesting Self Opinion as 100% right- which may not be the case always. Most of us lack the sensitivity of Looking at things in Perspective.


  11. Yes KK, there is a world of a difference between the two. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Everyone has the right to disagree. It gets bad when people want to prove others wrong.


  12. Yes Latha, criticism for everything for the sake of it, can be irritating. Argument should just be two people who have opposing views, who stand to prove their point.Not proving others wrong.


  13. As long as opinions are respected, a debate can go on… Once the sole purpose changes from voicing your opinion to proving you are right, things take an ugly turn.. 🙂


  14. One does have the right to defend themselves, but they shouldn't be obstinate and refuse to hear what the other person has to say. Foolish Indeed.Yes, I agree.


  15. Yes, we must respect others opinion, even if we might not agree with their point of view. And absolutely, Life is not to be wasted over such trivial arguments.


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