Yes, I’m back to my challenge. Too many things that required my time and attention were up, so I had to steer away from the challenge and make room for them. And now I’m heading back to where I started. 🙂

The world is very tough on people who choose to quit. They say winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. But I beg to differ.

It is true that we wouldn’t know if we’re good at something, unless we attempt it in the first place. Quitting even before trying doesn’t make much sense. But sometimes we should know when to wrap up things for good.

Before we embark on anything, we should be able to evaluate ourselves and rationalize whether we’d be able to accomplish the assigned task. The best way to go with this, would be to sit down and ask ourselves what we’re capable us. Much as we should know what we are capable of, we should also know what our limitations are. Setting unrealistic goals and being optimistic about it is, well neither realistic nor practical.

When we try something new, we should after a certain point of time sit back and review our progress. IF we feel that we are making a steady progress, or  if we could perform better with time and practice, we should pursue it with vigor. But even after repeated efforts, we see ourselves not getting anywhere on the road that we’d charted for ourselves, we should be able to come to a decision. We should be able to accept what we are capable of and take a wise decision.

Everyone is talented in something or the other. Some people find it easily. Some people take time to find out what they’re really good at. With the little time that we have here, wouldn’t it be wise to devote our time to something that we might be good at, rather than being stuck with something that is taking us to a dead end ? 

It does take courage to quit. It takes courage to drop something after having spent so much time and efforts in them. But, if we need to start something, which we might probably be good at, we first need to stop what we’re doing and get back to the starting line.

After all, knowing our limitations is never a sign of weakness.

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