ABC Challenge #18 : R for Rambling

A rich kid :

“Oh man, this burger is so cold. Why doesn’t mom understand that I always like to have my food hot!”

A poor kid:

“God, please give me something to eat. Even if it is a week old. I just want something to eat”


An indifferent student:

“Why does this teacher keep taking classes every other day. Can’t she let us free for a day?”

A passionate student : 

“I wish I had a teacher to teach me all this. I’m so interested in learning but there is no one around to teach me.”


A person who wants to end his life : 

“This life is horrible. I am going to end my life”


A person who has met with an accident and is about to die:

“God, How I wish I had a chance to live my life, again” 


I am not saying I always appreciate what I have at hand. Yes, I do complain, but not for trivial things. But I’m better than many who complain how they do not have even one shade of pink in their wardrobe among the other million dresses that they have. Though it is not my business, sometimes I get irked when people keep complaining about each and every little thing. I’ve controlled the urge, many a time, to turn and ask them if they thought they were perfectionists, but as I said earlier, it is none of my business and I’ve not right to ask them. But of course, I do have the right to write about it, here on my blog. (Ha!) 

There is one thing I would like to tell all those who complain at the drop of a hat. Just remember, there are thousands out there who would love to live the life that you live and would willingly trade places with you at any cost. When we are busy focusing on what we don’t have, we are just hiding our vision to the numerous other things that are blessed with. Some obvious things that we fail to notice, some obvious things that others readily notice.

So next time before you start complaining about why this city is horrible or why you aren’t able to find the perfect shade of nail polish,  just think if it is actually worth your time and if it exceeds the importance of the rest of the things that you have.

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30 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #18 : R for Rambling

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  1. Sounds winner to me..:)
    the whole concept of seeing the glass half full and not half empty, choosing to show gratitude and not complaining is nice..:)
    gr8 post..:)


  2. Like you said – just remember, there are thousands out there who would love to live the life that you live and would willingly trade places with you.
    If one can think of this reality, one will never be haughty.


  3. This complaining habit is really annoying. Sometimes, I wonder, why people have nothing good to say or do in their lives. Not only would they complain, but would also boast about how they have been brought up to do certain things in certain way. Whether it is a movie or a hotel, or some tourist destination, they have seen only the negative side and never anything positive.
    I too get trapped by this complaining syndrome,I start thinking within myself only, of how I have been deprived of the things I really care for, etc., but after some time I see all the things I already have,maybe not exactly wished by me, yet they are very good things, and they have all come my way without my asking. I feel really grateful, and happy, and I feel totally free from the vicious grip of 'Complaint Box'.
    I must say you are very wise for your age.


  4. It is very simple. We don't learn from others since we feel difficult to find such person. Similarly we can't teach others since we are not humble. Human Nature!!!


  5. Hi!
    Your blog is quite interesting. I have read that your article once appeared in the Open Page of “The Hindu”.
    Could you please advise me how one could send artices to “The Hindu” Open Page?

    K.B, Dessai


  6. Reminds me of the story of a man who did not have a shoe till he noticed another, without a leg! Gratitude is something which should be a part of our life and thanks for reminding this Ashwini:)


  7. I accept that even I complain Rama ji. But some people just go overboard and keep complaining of each and every thing. That is what irritates me, though I am not questioning their right to complain!
    Thank you 🙂


  8. Wow! Loved the contrast and it makes such absolute sense.

    Super writing! And its awesome to see your dedication on the ABC challenge 🙂


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