ABC Challenge #20 : T for Temple Run

The day I knew I was getting an iPad, I was very excited.More excited than I was when I was getting my first video game. It’s not a big thing now, but way back then it meant a lot. So I was reading about what were the best apps for the iPad. I decided I would download the Quora app, read a lot more with the news websites, and make sure I was gaining knowledge and use the iPad in a productive way.

Sounds nice, right? Yes. Except that none of these actually happened.

After I got to feel the iPad and after I was done with admiring my new toy, I had to leave for work. So I asked dad to download a few apps, gave him a few suggestions and I also told him to download Temple Run. I remember him asking me what it was and I clearly remember telling him, it was just another game.

Just another game, Hell no! 

So I got back home, all excited and not cranky like the way I usually feel when I get home after a long and tiring day. I handled it in a very delicate manner and was excited like a little kid. I was going through all the different apps that dad had downloaded and then I saw the Temple Run app. I wanted to try my luck with that game, since it was the most talked about game.

I started running, and I’ve been doing that ever since.

I used to play a lot of computer games when I was growing up and I used to be so addicted to them. Playing temple run was taking me back to those good old days.I was really hooked to the game. Initially I was not really good at it and I failed to realize how people were getting such high scores. I was feeling bad and telling my sad state of affairs to a friend of mine at work. He then told me about how we would have to upgrade stuff at the Store to get a few perks and get a high score. Only then did I truly understand how this worked. Achievement Unlocked Indeed! 

It was then that I started playing with some sort of vengeance  I used to get back home, freshen up, have a quick dinner(Food is after all the most important of all) and settle myself on the comfortable couch and play till my eyes plead for sleep. I’ve stayed up so long so many nights just because I felt I was in the right form to make it to a big score. Also at work,thanks to my wonderful manager who was kind enough to let us play with his iPhone, at times. Here ‘us’ refers to me and two other ardent fans of the game. We used to take turns playing with the phone. I do remember one Saturday night at work ,when the three of us were playing and creating some commotion and a few others, around 4 of them also joined with us for the tournament. It was fun, playing amidst deadlines at 2 am!

Today, I am a happy person. I am still not bored with the game. Some people have switched to Subway Surfers, but somehow my loyalty remains to Temple Run. I’ve collected many coins and fully upgraded the store. I do have a lot of challenges to unlock, but at the moment, I’m concentrating on getting a high score on my iPhone as well. I’ve just started playing and it is interesting again, more coins, more upgradations, a higher score too.

What appears funny to me is that I am able to correlate a lot of things from the game to real life. The need to keep running at all times, to not underestimate the enemy who runs just a step away from us even when we’re running faster. I wanted to write about it, but I was getting bored of being philosophical and wanted to write something else. I would probably save that post for another day.

So are you addicted to Temple Run as well? 🙂

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26 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #20 : T for Temple Run

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  1. I have played that game once, just like Angry Birds. I guess am not much into games. But there is one game I have played thousands of times – Pinball. Somehow, I have taken a fancy to that game which I sometimes play when my Internet used to take some time to connect, earlier. But since switching over to 3G, I have stopped playing that game too!

    Destination Infinity


  2. My son and my husband are mad about Temple Run and i don't understand this out of the world fascination 😀 So when you say you have been running ever since… I can understand the sentiment 🙂


  3. When I got my Galaxy S3, I also thought on installing Temple Run.. I stopped when I realized there's more to this game than just running. I didnt ask anyone about it and lost touch. I then installed the latest version and went through the same process. I am still stuck! But then, that's ok. I have FIFA 12 on my laptop 😀 Hehe..


  4. Oh, Thank you so much for reminding me about Pinball, Rajesh. I used to be so addicted to that game when I was young.Now Temple Run is what keeps me going 🙂


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