13 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter!

 You know you’re addicted to Twitter if you are able to relate to any of these.

  • You introduce your twitter friends by their handles.
  • The numerous Karthiks and Divyas don’t matter. You store their handles as contact names on your phone.
  • When something funny happens, you want to tweet about it.
  • If you see something funny, you want to Twitpic it.
  • You begin to see the lighter side of even the most serious situations.
  • When the whole nation outrages about something, you think of sarcastic jokes to tweet.
  • You get to know of breaking news from Twitter.
  • You rely on people on Twitter for accurate information and opinion.
  • You constantly come up with something witty or nice to tweet about.
  • You vent your anger on Twitter.
  • When someone next to you bothers you, you tweet your irritation.
  • You feel Facebook is boring and Twitter is cool.
  • You say Good night, close your laptop and minutes later access twitter from your mobile.

28 thoughts on “13 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter!

Add yours

  1. My time on social networks, except blogs, has come down drastically. I was late to get on FB and the twitter phobia completely escaped me! I guess I like the longer version of the prose 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  2. phew.. thank god ! that I don't have any of those symptoms as on now,…
    fingers crossed..:P 🙂
    nice post 🙂 its like a disclaimer or rather a warning to watch out before we fall into the pit of twitter addiction.:)


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