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I am not sure whether I have to blame it on the omnipresent social media, but I’ve noticed a new trend that has been catching up. I am not sure if I’m surrounded by a wave of achievers or by people who falsely claim to have achieved something. I’ve written and reviewed a few LORs and SOPs for people whom I’ve known and I was surprised to see a different version of them in the written format, something which I probably failed to notice when I knew them.

All of us want to look good. We want to be treated with respect and we all want to be role models for everyone. We want to be appreciated and we want the whole world to pause, look at us and shower praises at our “achievements”. So what would be the best way to do that? The easiest and the simplest way would probably be to work hard and to ensure that all that we speak about ourselves is true, at least to a considerable extent. Or, we shouldn’t speak about things which we’re not even remotely associated with.

It is good to see a society where people are confident. If we are not confident about ourselves, we can’t expect others to be confident of us. Of late, what I see in people is not confidence, but over confidence and arrogance. There is a very thin line between confidence and over confidence and people seemed to be swayed to the latter side. So there are people who are haughty and speak in a condescending manner. The world is just not enough for them. They’re already up in the air searching for a better place with better people good enough for them. After all, we all become mere mortals, in their eyes.

Such people assume a false sense of supremacy and act as if they are the Masters of the Game. A few hundred Followers and Likes and people think they’re celebrities. The problem arises when they impose that supremacy on others and expect others to think highly of them. As a result we have a whole bunch of hypocrites with an air of pride and inflated egos.

Being excessively proud is not all that bad, if people can keep it to themselves. Forcing that opinion on others and expecting others to buy that wouldn’t be the best thing to do. People need not be way too modest, but it would do them good to learn that they would be much better staying off from the other extreme of the scale.

So, let your actions and deeds speak about you rather than you having to exaggerating about yourself.