ABC Challenge #26: Z for Zenith

Among the various theories and prophecies formulated by mankind, everyone believes that they are destined for the greater good. People believe that at some point in their lives they are meant to shine among the crowd and carve an identity for themselves. It might not materialize, but people dream about it. The subconscious mind notices even the smallest and the deepest of our desires and we eventually dream about them.

Though people may disagree, everyone would get to be at the pinnacle of glory at least once in their life time. Some might not realize it, probably because they keep looking at something else as an achievement and some people are lucky enough or smart enough to realize that they have reached where they wanted to see themselves.

Let’s just assume that, more than anything you want to win a race and that, reaching the destination would probably be the highlight of your life.

When you start running the race, you set out with a destination in mind. With every step that you take, every step closer to your destination, you realize that there are certain other things that are better than what you had originally planned for. Your goals start evolving, and you start adapting yourself to the changes. You still keep running. You continue to run because your destination might be different but your focus on accomplishing your goal still remains the same. After encountering numerous physical and mental obstacles, after overcoming fears and doubts, you reach the destination.

Finally, the realization hits you that you spent hours, months and years together awaiting that special moment. Now that it is upon you, you stand, look back and enjoy and you have no idea what to do next. You move on with the other mundane stuff. You realize that the time spent waiting for the dream to materialize and the time spent preparing yourself and running the race was way more interesting than the time spent after accomplishing the feat.

In the end, you realize that you started at a point wanting to go somewhere. And that was all that was in your mind. You would have given anything to get there. Then you realize that you are now standing on a different turf, way different than where you wanted to be, but it felt good to be there. You feel happy to have listened to your instincts and to be standing there.  It then dawns on you that the decisions you take on the go are more important than all the analysis and decisions that were taken before getting down to the field. You realize that it is the journey that has made the process of reaching the destination eventful.

Looking back at the path you traveled by, you know that as much as reaching the destination was deemed important and necessary, you could take back a lot of memories from the journey than from the specific point of glory.

What happens to most of us is that we place our focus entirely on the specific point that we travel unmindful of the journey along the path. Upon reaching the target, we celebrate the achievement that has been unlocked. But when we look back, we would have nothing to take from that journey. It would all be hazy and blurred.

Never lose focus on where you have to reach. At the same time pay attention to the beautiful path that you tread on. For, the best things in life will not necessarily be at the end of everything, it might be all scattered all along the way.

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31 thoughts on “ABC Challenge #26: Z for Zenith

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  1. I completely agree with you. There was a beautiful post by someone on the similar topic but I couldn't recollect. Always enjoy the process, that what makes the journey interesting.

    And congrats on completing AtoZ challenge. It's a really difficult talk that you have accomplished.


  2. The last para succinctly puts things in proper perspective.I may wish to travel to Manali ,my destination but would be foolish to miss the breathtaking scenes and the excitement the journey presents.The journey itself is far more interesting than the final destination.
    Congratulations on your tenacity and perseverance


  3. The view from the Mount Everest, I guess may be less spectacular if the mountaineer misses out the vast planes and ravines that through which he journeyed to this destination. I agree with you.


  4. Many people have no clue about their goals – Ask them, and they'll tell vague stuff like 'I want to make more money', 'I want to grow in my organization' and such generic things. Not having a clear focus/personal goal is a huge demotivator and many people don't realize it.

    There is also a big difference to having a goal for the sake of it or having a goal that truly excites us and will enable us to grow as a person. Sometimes, it takes years to even identify such a goal, forget working towards it.

    What you say is true – the fun, learning and excitement is in working towards the goal, which (unfortunately) diminishes greatly after one achieves their goal. That sometimes makes us think, 'Was the goal so important to us, after all?' That's why it is important to set the right goal in the first place.

    Destination Infinity


  5. Just the way you did while publishing the ABC series! 🙂

    I liked the way you explained everything through a race.. I personally love the lessons we learn from a simple race – about focus, determination, target, satisfaction after completing (like a marathon) and winning (like a 100m race)..

    Congrats on completing the series Ashwini! 🙂


  6. Thank you so much KP sir. It is as important to enjoy the journey as much as it is to reach the destination. Thank you for your support and encouragement sir, for the entire series 🙂


  7. True that.

    Setting clear goals will ensure that we are clear about what we want from ourselves. At many junctures in life, we might tend to be confused and get carried away by other influencing factors. But if we are clear about what we want, we would never need to be bothered about the distractions :-). That being done, With a firm eye on the destination, we should take a look around where we are going, because there might be a beautiful garden or a fatal gorge which we would miss. Failing to notice the first one, we would miss something good, failing to notice the second thing would make us miss our entire life.


  8. Exactly Binu :-). Only after you said it, I realized it's been the same for the entire series as well. Thank you for being here throughout the series. Thanks for all the encouragement 🙂


  9. Zenith in my childhood was the brand name of a sewing machine . It is much later in life that I bothered to find out the meaning of Zenith and found thatb it meant the highest point or the pinnacle as you say. Conversely, the lowest point is called Nadir and what a coincidence that the one of the worst tyrants in history was Nadir Shah , whom no one like to remember as being lowest in esteem .
    May I say you have taken the ABC challenge well and your thoughtful pieces of writing have given us new insights !


  10. At the outset congrats for completing the challenge !! I don't think I would have been able to achieve this feat! You know Urdu poetry has often talked about “Safar” ( journey) vs ” Manzil” ( destination). So the entire thing is to enjoy the journey and not just be goal / destination focussed. There is a beautiful dialogue in the Hindi movie “Anand” where the charchter of Rajesh Khanna tells Amitabh Bacchan's charachter” Babu Moshay Zindagi badi honi chanhiye lambi nahin”- loosely translated to mean line should be big ( meaningful) and not just long!!


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