Among the various theories and prophecies formulated by mankind, everyone believes that they are destined for the greater good. People believe that at some point in their lives they are meant to shine among the crowd and carve an identity for themselves. It might not materialize, but people dream about it. The subconscious mind notices even the smallest and the deepest of our desires and we eventually dream about them.

Though people may disagree, everyone would get to be at the pinnacle of glory at least once in their life time. Some might not realize it, probably because they keep looking at something else as an achievement and some people are lucky enough or smart enough to realize that they have reached where they wanted to see themselves.

Let’s just assume that, more than anything you want to win a race and that, reaching the destination would probably be the highlight of your life.

When you start running the race, you set out with a destination in mind. With every step that you take, every step closer to your destination, you realize that there are certain other things that are better than what you had originally planned for. Your goals start evolving, and you start adapting yourself to the changes. You still keep running. You continue to run because your destination might be different but your focus on accomplishing your goal still remains the same. After encountering numerous physical and mental obstacles, after overcoming fears and doubts, you reach the destination.

Finally, the realization hits you that you spent hours, months and years together awaiting that special moment. Now that it is upon you, you stand, look back and enjoy and you have no idea what to do next. You move on with the other mundane stuff. You realize that the time spent waiting for the dream to materialize and the time spent preparing yourself and running the race was way more interesting than the time spent after accomplishing the feat.

In the end, you realize that you started at a point wanting to go somewhere. And that was all that was in your mind. You would have given anything to get there. Then you realize that you are now standing on a different turf, way different than where you wanted to be, but it felt good to be there. You feel happy to have listened to your instincts and to be standing there.  It then dawns on you that the decisions you take on the go are more important than all the analysis and decisions that were taken before getting down to the field. You realize that it is the journey that has made the process of reaching the destination eventful.

Looking back at the path you traveled by, you know that as much as reaching the destination was deemed important and necessary, you could take back a lot of memories from the journey than from the specific point of glory.

What happens to most of us is that we place our focus entirely on the specific point that we travel unmindful of the journey along the path. Upon reaching the target, we celebrate the achievement that has been unlocked. But when we look back, we would have nothing to take from that journey. It would all be hazy and blurred.

Never lose focus on where you have to reach. At the same time pay attention to the beautiful path that you tread on. For, the best things in life will not necessarily be at the end of everything, it might be all scattered all along the way.

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