The Habit of Writing!

Easier said than done like most other things, I tried as much to implement it and include it as and when I was studying. But apart from Maths and later certain derivations in Physics and Organic Chemistry it wasn’t entirely possible to write everything down. The theoretical papers for instance. You had volumes of information to be assimilated and writing them down would probably have helped me cover just a few topics but not all of them. So keeping in mind the big picture, I never took to this habit seriously except for certain papers.

Till date, if I’m happy and proud of one trait in me, it is this. I try (though the implementation sometimes doesn’t go exactly the way I plan it) my best to remain organized and avoid cluttering information. Even in my phone, I guess the most used application would be Reminders and Notes because I make notes for almost everything. To-Do lists, shopping lists, books to be read, ideas for blogs (mainly because you’d be surprised at the events which trigger a new flow of thought and eventually an idea to blog about!) ,blogs to read, Interesting websites, bookmarked websites, links that have been added to pocket, reminders for the immediate future as well as for a considerable span of months, recipes to be tried, restaurants to be visited, Ice creams parlours to be visited, Dresses to buy, Accessories to buy, Schedule for cleaning up my wardrobe and study and a few other insignificant stuff (Insignificant for you, not for me). I guess you get the hang of it.

You might wonder what I would probably gain by writing noting down such trivial information. Yes, after watching the movie Kaminey, I had this idea to sketch out a graph for my life goals as well. But considering that we live by the minute, I chose not to do that. I even started writing a diary which was for my eyes only and after a few years discontinued writing because of certain reasons.  Apart from this a lot of what I write is trivial. But they do help me in many ways.

 It helps me remain organized

If you’d read my earlier blogs, I would’ve mentioned that I’m no Monica to that extent but I like things to be organized, for which I realized that I should be organized. This greatly helped me when I had to manage a home for about 6 months when mom wasn’t around. Making lists for what to do in a sequence ensures that I do not miss out on anything.  Though I might spend considerable time planning things, implementing it would be hassle-free. Of course, things are bound to change, but it is nice to have some structure to work on

I don’t have to worry about forgetting

Some of us are overly worried about things. It’s like we go at great lengths looking for things to worry about. For such people, they would have one reason less to worry about (I’m not sure if they would be happy with that fact, I would be!). Now I can just walk in, ensure that I collect all items on my shopping list and walk away without bothering to try and remember if mom had mentioned anything else. Even in my To-Do list for household chores, as long as I stick to the list I would be fine. I would not have to worry about what I would/could have missed.

Avoid unnecessary cluttering of unnecessary information in the brain

The brain is our warehouse of information. It is the personalized Google for the human body. It does come with certain constraints though. Sometimes we dump it with unwanted stuff and when we need to store important information, the brain simply refuses to take it in. Thanks to our various lists, ideas, and thoughts, unimportant telephone numbers,  unwanted lyrics of certain songs, some ad jingles which we just can get it out of our mind, our memory gets overloaded and then Murphy would play judge and ensure that all previously stored important information are erased to make room for the new information.  When certain important and trivial information can be saved somewhere else in the form of a list, we are doing our brain a favour. We can get rid of having to remember trivial stuff or those which are required only for a short span of time.

There is another important way in which writing down important points has helped me. Whenever I used to fight with my elder sister, I used to forget what we actually started fighting about and then resort to certain violent means to prove my point.  It is a common and well-known fact that we think of better things to say in an argument only after it has ended. So every time I find something interesting or challenging to tell my sister, I note it down and make sure I use it the next time while fighting.  That is, until such point, we keep arguing in words.

So, where does your history with writing start?

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42 thoughts on “The Habit of Writing!

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  1. “I hate our school A. O., and few messy drawings :P”

    But my constructive writing began with 'Aftermath of 2nd world war'…
    I wrote my mind added with few logical answers.
    Continued the same with my theory papers like automobile engineering…
    Finally, blogging, and now it has become my profession.
    Thanks a ton for reviving ' a brief history on my writing' 😛
    Awesome subject.


  2. Apart from once, in 9th Standard, when I wrote down entire physics lessons (for memorizing), I don't remember writing anything else during school/college. I hated homework – fortunately, after primary classes, there were no homeworks for me. I hated lab assignments and records. I always used to go to school/college, and write them (during classes).

    Drawings – yes, but text book words go into my brain straight and go out of the brain immediately after the exam. While working, I used to write down activities to do (for the day), but would end up doing whatever demands my attention.

    I guess I am totally unorganized, but I believe that there is some order in chaos 😛

    Destination Infinity


  3. Yes, lists have their merits. I try to do them before grocery shopping. I even make lists of work at the beginning of each week. But on a daily basis, not much of a list maker at all.


  4. Am not a crazy list maker or anything like that, but yes, I do maintain some lists once in a while when the number of items to do or buy or remember gets too big. As for my history with writing, I don't really remember when I started writing so much, but I am guessing it was only because I was a crazy voracious reader in my teens that this writing habit also probably found its way into my life.


  5. It's pretty much same for me Ash. I started writing way back during school days just because a lot of them advised me to! And it has become a OCD now! I make lists and notes for everything. Whether it is for work, shopping, travelling, blogging, whatever be it. It just makes life easier 😀


  6. Hehe…I liked your post. I love to make lists; but not for studying. For the things I have to do at home and finishing my chores. Though I have a smart phone, I still like making lists on paper. I am not that organised like you at work, but rest all..I list..list and list. I even bought a board at home to write lists. On which, I have written to clean the microwave for three weeks and did it in the thirteenth week 😛


  7. I too make a lot of to do lists Ashwini. It definitely keeps one organized. When it comes to travelling some people around me keep urging me to finish the packing. What I do is finish my list of things to take. With that it's like 75% done.


  8. Reading your post gives me the feel that you are a perfectionist , a person who takes effort to get to the minute details .I do remember this advise on writing things down and the brain retaining more of what is wrote.
    I'm not a person in the mould you are and hence much disorder and haphazardness with regard to matters of life.
    However I cannot dispute the power of writing .


  9. I am list person and I have been making them for a long long time now. I carry a small notebook in my bag which has so many lists… shopping lists, things to repair/alter, gifts to buy for Diwali, things to do at home, ideas for blog posts, there are even some long term goals to achieve. Making lists help me organize my time better and the work and the work gets done better too!


  10. I infact used this logic a lot during my academics.. Especially in theoretical papers.. I would break down the topic into points and I will revise the points on the day of the exam and would write them down the same way I practiced.. It helped a lot, in terms of remembering contents and also in the marks as they would consider my answers “better organized” 😀 😀


  11. Loved reading about your history of writing. I don't remember when I started writing. I have been thinking a lot ever since I can remember, though.


  12. It is true what we write remains in our memory for longer period. I remember writing a lot during my college days and even later on when I took up studying for my post graduation after my marriage. it really helped me lot, and I was so pleased I could keep on improving my hand writing too. I also have a mental list of the things to be done on a daily basis and on days when I have to cook a lot of items for some party etc., it always helped me finish my work without any tension.
    I have seen people who do things on the spur of the moment without any plan, though they complete it successfully, they always leave behind a big mess . In my kitchen too,while I cook I simultaneously clean up also, as a result my kitchen always look neat.
    While going shopping too I always make a list of the things I have to buy, no point going , and coming back with half the things not bought. my husband too is a list person, and he would buy only what is in the list , not like me buying things not in the list too.
    I like an organised person like you. I can totally relate to everything you have said.


  13. Thank you Rama 🙂

    Yes, spontaneity is good in certain things but we should also ensure that we dont leave behind a mess, as you said. If there is something which would help us remain organized and if it helps us work effectively, we would very well benefit from it 🙂


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