Are we truly Independent?

If your answers to the above questions are similar to ‘Perhaps I would hesitate. But if it was absolutely necessary I would go’, this post would make more sense to you.

I usually go for lunch at work with a specific group of friends, most of the times, unless I need to meet someone else or vice versa. We ensure that we head out for lunch at a standard time since it would be easy for people from different projects to coordinate and manage their work.  But yes, on many days we don’t get to meet on the set time, thanks to our various demanding schedules. One such day I had to get a quick lunch since I had a meeting scheduled at a certain time. I informed my acquaintance and headed for lunch.

The next day, I was told that the person had skipped lunch because apparently the others who usually accompany us for lunch were held up with work and couldn’t make it. So this person, instead of heading out to the cafeteria all by herself, chose to skip the meal instead. On being asked why she did that, she said ‘How do you expect me to eat all by myself?’. Somehow better sense prevailed and I kept my mouth shut realizing that it would make things worse if I started arguing.

I let this incident pass and I almost forgot about that, until recently I came across another person, in an entirely different scenario who had to go shopping for something that was important but refused to do so because there was no one for company. ‘How do you expect me to go to EA all by myself’ would have been the response if I had asked. I was sure about that.

I understand that it would be different if we went alone, but does it really matter that much? To the extent of changing your plans just because others aren’t there, even though they aren’t required? Are we so dependent on people that we change our schedules as per others’ convenience?  Or is it just because of the fear of being ridiculed by others when they get to know that you went out alone? Haven’t we grown up or are we still trying to live our lives wondering what others would probably be thinking or probably be speaking?

I honestly feel that these are trivial things and they shouldn’t actually be given the importance they are being treated with. I understand that certain things aren’t fun unless you have company. I completely agree with that. But for certain insignificant stuff, just a  split-second decision of whether to go or not to go becomes unnecessarily complicated by taking into account certain external factors that are nowhere in the picture, in the first place.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Your point is very valid Ashwini. If it were a picnic I would understand. If all others cancel the plan it may not make sense to go alone as the whole purpose is a get together rather than visiting a place. But lunch I am sorry. That's something our body necessitates and it's not a good idea to skip it in the name of company. I am a person who in fact enjoys shopping alone because one can explore to ones hearts content . No obligations about where to go , what to skip etc . 🙂


  2. Experiencing this right now! New city, No company. Does that mean I stay put in my room, continuing to do the boring things that boring me does every boring day? There are SO many places to see, and SO many things to do in this maximum city. Besides, I never know if or when I'll ever get a chance to come here again. So, utilising this opportunity to the maximum.
    I always believed that if you can't stand your own company, you can never stand anybody else. The one who enjoys one's own company, doing things alone, going places alone, is the one who can enjoy pretty much any company. And THAT! is a life skill to possess.


  3. When you go to Nallis or Pothys in company of friends,do you buy a sari or salwar suit that you like or what your friends suggest?Or if you go to a restaurent do you eat what you want or what your friends suggest?The company of friends is only a setting or an ambience where you relax in the comfort of known people but in no way determines your choices unless you are an undecided and a weak person.But it is different if it is an adda for gossip and tea.


  4. Hi Ashwini,i am coming here after a long time,sorry.
    I do love company but i also like to be alone sometimes.Shopping alone is no problem,dining alone makes one feel lonely.But i would not go to the extent of remaining hungry because there was no company.


  5. Having company while shopping is fine, but it's a bad idea to have company while eating – the priority then shifts (a little bit) from eating, to talking and other such unnecessary stuff. I too have noticed some people who don't like to go anywhere alone – I don't have a positive opinion about them.

    Destination Infinity


  6. Having a company certainly does matter and without it one tends to feel a bit disconnected but certainly is no reason to alter plans or just dropping them all together…


  7. I find it silly that something important is not done because you don't have company. Though, I do find it awkward eating alone in a restaurant but I've done it on multiple occasions when I didn't have company. I can't skip a meal for that reason.


  8. I know I would think twice before going out for a movie alone. I don't mind eating out by myself but it's funny the way the waiter keeps asking you time and again if you are expecting company!


  9. Man is a social animal. …. that explains the crave for FB by many 🙂
    On the flip side at times I like to do things myself. I remember the day when I went and saw 3 movies in a day – all by myself and that too in the theatre.


  10. I go everywhere alone only, and I prefer that. I somehow don't enjoy eating with lots of friends and relatives, although I would have what I like only. Same thing with shopping too, I really enjoy shopping by myself, it is very relaxing. only thing i have not done till now is to go to the theatre and watch a movie by myself, for til now the need to do had never occurred.
    Occasionally , I do enjoy company, but mostly I prefer my own company. I hate to travel with friends to see different places, especially if it is out of town. However, nobody really knows that I don't enjoy such outings, for they keep calling me, telling me how much they enjoyed travelling with me.
    It is really stressful to go out with others and also make them feel that I enjoyed it.


  11. That's actually right jaish_vats, because sometimes its important you spend time with yourself. Its a different feeling altogether. It actually gives you a moment to introspect and understand life in a much better manner! Saying all this…its good to have a company when you are in a pub, hanging out with a beer! 😉
    Amazing post @Ashwini C N 🙂


  12. Indeed man is a gregarious creature. Man is a social animal bla bla all is fine.
    However that , if it leads to a perpetual dependence on another a company for our happiness and comfort- goodness me I feel worried.
    As you mentioned it is not good to be bothered about always, what others feel and so on.
    There is a bliss in solitude, in being alone, in confining and I relish that , would not hesitate to be out in a quite restaurant alone, even by the sea.
    Too much of dependency on the proximity and company of another is not good for us .Certainly what others may think, feel or talk about us. Those things done behind us welll why worry? This is my take.


  13. Well said. If we can't stand our own company, we can never get along with others. Using this 'being alone' as an excuse and missing up on things do it is just plainly stupid. Glad that you are enjoying in your new city 🙂


  14. Yes, our choices can be based on collective suggestion, but the final call has to be taken by an individual decision. It's just a small way of saying I would like to control my life than make others control it.


  15. You are right. People are often weighed down by wondering what others would think of them rather than just taking their own decisions. But people are coming out of such stereotypes these days!


  16. Yes, that's another side of these things. Sometimes I feel like cutting away from everyone and being in peace with myself in some far place. Though I would want to get back, I would not be helpless when alone. Sometimes even I prefer to be all by myself as you said 🙂


  17. I liked the way you said there is bliss in solitude. I've experienced that and it feels really enriching and refreshing 🙂

    And you are so right. People always have something to say, we cant try to keep pleasing everyone!


  18. During our visits to Chennai, we always noticed girls/women eating alone in restaurants during breakfast/lunch/dinner. We were pleasantly surprised. Why we were surprised? In USA, girls/women will not dine alone in a restaurant. If they don't have company, they will order food “to go” or be delivered. If they stay in a hotel, they will order room service.


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