Sometimes, being over confident does have its own benefits.

Most of us take life too seriously. Some of us complicate it unnecessarily. Some of us give more priority to those around us, wondering what they would think and how they would react, even before we think for ourselves or come to a decision.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back and let opportunities pass because we end up questioning our very own self.  We look around for numerous excuses and start the blame game and convince ourselves that we are not prepared for it.

Sometimes we don’t believe in our own self. That’s when I feel that, sometimes being over confident is the way to go. When we are just confident enough, there might be traces of doubt hovering at the back of our minds.

But when I see people who are over confident, after the initial Thank-God-I’m-Not-Over-Confident and Thank-God-I-Am-What-I-Am reaction, I wonder whether those people are really the smartest ones.

They think too highly of themselves and go about doing what they like, without having to question their abilities. They do not look for excuses to bank on if at all they fail to achieve their purpose. They do not pay attention to what those around them have to say.  They take in what makes them stronger and refuse to even hear out those who don’t matter, even if they meant no ill will.

Sometimes I just wish I had their guts and their overwhelming belief in themselves. Sometimes I wish I were over confident so that I could check off a few items on my dream to-do list!

At the end of the day, they would be branded as the ‘over confident person’. But they would not be bothered by the tag that random strangers are associating them with. They walk away as the winner.

All said and done, when it comes to deciding when to be over confident and when not to be, you are the best judge. A good balance would definitely be the way to go. A good balance, if you manage to maintain. Else, you know the consequences!