You know you are a blogger, If…

You know you are a blogger, If you’ve been asked at least one of the following questions ever since you added ‘Blogger’ to the About me/Bio section in Social Media. Read on.

1. So what do you blog about?

I’m sorry but I’m just recovering from the shock of being asked the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question yet again. Anyway, if you are looking for a simple one-word answer, I would have to invent a word to convey the multitude of things that I blog about. I admire people who write on a particular theme. Since I’m not a professional full-time blogger, I write about things in general. I write about things which people can mostly relate to. This is my standard reply. I’ve noticed that people are not impressed with this honest answer. For all of you, I’ll write a special post on what I blog about. Read that and let me know if there is one word for it.

2. Have you considered blogging about this?

So I was telling this acquaintance that I am a blogger and I was just getting started about what I blog about. He was all ears and seemed quite interested in knowing what I wrote. After some time the topic of conversation drifted to something else and suddenly he said ‘You should so blog about this’. I had to give an awkward smile and say thanks, but seriously dude did you at least listen to the words that came out of your mouth? Really?  It’s nice when people give us a prompt to write but is it too much to ask them to use some common sense before they utter those words?

3. How did you start blogging?

I’m surprised that people think I have a story about how I got to write my first post. Excuse me, I’m talking about a simple leisure activity. It’s not like a Bollywood hero’s entry in a film. It’s not that somebody has passed the baton and expects me to be the master of the game right from day 1. It’s not that I’ve always known that I would be a blogger and I would just have to wait for a good way to start. No, it’s just too simple. I was bored and I wanted to try something. Stop watching all those films and stop expecting everything to have a fairy tale touch.  Stop embarrassing me when I give you the answer and you keep looking for more explanation from me.

4. What motivates you to keep blogging?

I once asked a friend what kind of an image a blogger depicts. She said that in her mind a blogger was someone who spent time reading and traveling and doing things that interest them. She added that she felt a blogger was someone who would spend time looking around and marveling at nature and express the beautiful vision that their eyes look at, in the form of words.  So she argued that motivation wouldn’t be a problem.

I had to jolt my friend to get her back to reality and explain that I had a job which unfortunately did not allow me to just gaze at the sky or stare aimlessly at the scenery. I couldn’t digest the fact that motivation could come so easily. There were days where I would write almost 700 words in an hour. But there were also days when I could hardly write more than 10 words in an hour.  But I’ve never realized when exactly the words flow freely. It is completely random.

5. You aren’t going to blog about this right?

I was asked this question once when I was seated with 10 others who were deep in conversation and I was uninterested in what they were speaking.  The words of someone from the group struck a chord and I could relate to an idea to blog about. It was completely different from the topic they were discussing. I smiled to myself made a note of it on my phone. I then realize everyone is looking at me and they’re questioning the reason for my smile.  They asked if I was going to blog about that? Duh. Yes, I’m so demotivated that I’m looking to write some rubbish and post it on my blog. Please, my blog deserves more respect than that.

6. How do you come up with ideas?

Honestly, I’m no Newton.  But if I have to lie down under an apple tree to get ideas, I would gladly oblige. How I wish it were as simple as that.  Every time someone asks me about how I come up with ideas to blog about, I mentally visualize myself giving the expression which Kamal Hassan gives in Nayagan when being asked if he is a good person or a bad person. I just don’t know.

7. How often do you blog?

It would be wonderful if I could blog every day. Reality is far from that though.  Forget about blogging every day, I find it difficult to blog even once a week because of many factors and laziness and distraction from social media being the topmost ones. Whenever I’m asked this question I give a worst-case scenario answer, just to be on the safer side. So that even if I’ve not blogged for 6 months, and the person asks me about it, I can give the I-told-you-about-It look, rather than giving the I’m-sorry-I-did-not-blog-enough-make-me-feel-guilty-all-the-more look.

8. Have you considered writing for a social cause? You should start right away.

There are people who are genuinely involved with a lot of social causes and I have so much of respect for them. When they suggest writing for a social cause, I give them a very honest but a toned-down answer on why I’m not interested in those lines, because I truly believe that this should come from within and not be forced. Persuaded, yes but not forced. I’m not talking about these genuine souls here

I’m talking of those who think it’s cool to be involved in some social activity only to post updates and pictures about it on social media. Today being active for a social cause seems to be more of a style statement and when those kinds of people come and tell me to take up volunteering by writing about it; I convey my opinion loud and clear.  People have different interests and being forced to volunteer for a social cause is just not what I would like to do. Simple.

So, have you been asked the same questions? What were your answers to those questions?  Any other interesting question that has been thrown at you? Do share it here 🙂

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  1. The first question people ask me when I say I am a blogger – “Really? So do you earn from blogging or just a blogger..” Since I dont earn, I fall into the “just a blogger” category. For them, that's something not worth the time! hehe.. However, things are changing and for the better for bloggers..

    Nice post Ashwini.. Deserves due recognition! 🙂


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