New Year Resolutions, Yet Again.

So, have you made a list of unrealistic solutions yet again only to throw them in the trash by the end of the first week?

Or wait, have you made fun of all those who have the guts to take up a challenge and come up with the ‘No resolutions for this year is my resolution’ phrase yet again?

I recently read about how most, not all, resolutions fail to materialize because they tend to be way too unrealistic. By setting too high a standard for ourselves we give up even before we start. Some people might argue that New Year resolutions are no big deal. Of course. There is nothing special or great about a new year. If people believe that they have to start something, they can start anytime. Anytime is good, for a good start. Since people associate the beginning of a calendar year to a good start, they are tempted to take up a resolution. Now, that’s not bad.

Keep your resolutions simple

Resolutions are overrated and exaggerated. Sometimes people unnecessarily complicate even the simplest of things. Always remember the K.I.S.S policy. Keep It Simple, Silly. Resolutions are mostly associated with life goals and reforms. It need not be that way for all. The main idea is to instill a sense of discipline and judge how well one can survive with a few strict measures. Since we are the best judge of ourselves, we would know what excuses are genuine and what are not. We know what we are capable of and what we are not capable of.

Like this friend of mine, who was addicted to coffee and decided to stay away from it, for a year. Another friend decided she wouldn’t touch Lays packets for a year. Someone I know took a resolution to watch at least 3 movies a month. They all stood by their resolutions and even celebrated at the end of the year. It might be simple, it might seem simple. That’s what motivated them to take it up. Maintaining it, however, would not have been as easy as it might have seemed, but still, they pulled it off. Mainly because all those resolutions had an element of fun in them.

So are you still against taking up New Year Resolutions? Even for fun?

On picking the right resolution

The trick is to start with a generic resolution, try a few of this and that before you narrow down to what exactly you could take up. For example, if take up reading, just start with developing the habit or increasing the frequency of reading. If you like reading novels, try completing a certain number of novels. If not, choose a particular topic and read about it. There are hundreds of website carrying volumes of information about practically everything under the sun. There are blogs and news websites and online magazines that present so many articles worth reading.

Similarly, if you take up writing, try writing something. Just something that you come across, an incident or your opinion about some thought. You would be amazed at what you can do. Just like how Chef Gusteau said “Anybody can cook”, the same holds good for writing too. Force yourself to concentrate and focus for the first time. When you see the result in front of you, you would be tempted to write more.

Same holds true for traveling. Once we’re stuck in our familiar territories, the more comforting they get, the more boring they become. Once in a while, it is nice to get lost in a new land, marvel at the treasures of the land and see the sun rising and setting from a different place.

The most neglected resolutions are the ones which involve a lot of human interaction. We take our fellow human beings for granted. We might know how much we value and respect others, but the problem is only we know. Those concerned are oblivious to the fact and it’s not fair blaming them for something that we fail to express. Spend time with family (No, watching TV together is not spending quality time. Take the idiot box out of the equation). Go out and just talk with them. Go for a long drive. Go for lunch. Go for a dinner. Go for a small holiday and talk.

As far as our friends are concerned, we stay in touch with a group. But with time, some people fade into the past. Trying bringing back those memories. Try to make it a point to call people on their birthday and speak for at least a minute. True everyone is busy, but this is probably the easiest way and sometimes the only way you can catch up with someone, whom you’ve been meaning to talk to for a long time. Some people travel far apart that sometimes when a friend from the past calls up just to say a ‘Hi’, people think it’s for some favor. That’s as worse as it can get.

Add an element of fun

Anyway, coming back to the resolutions, don’t take it too seriously. Take something for fun and try to see if you are able to stick to it. What about taking a resolution to cook different varieties? Or what about tasting different cuisines? That’s tempting, right? If you can and feel you would be able to finish what you started, well done. Next time, try increasing the intensity. If not, think of what you are capable of pulling off and try that.

Have some fun. Remember, that’s the whole point of this exercise. Have fun. Remember to Enjoy.

Happy New Year 🙂

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  1. Well for one, I call mine a wishlist and not a resolution list…so no pressure 😉
    Secondly, I find it better to quantify my resolutions (wishes!) – like one blog post a week, or three trips a year, or 4 days of yoga per week! Hope you have a great new year!


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