I wanted to write this post two weeks back. But who am I to decide the fate of this post. It probably was meant to be written only now. The year is still new and people still keep writing the year as 2013 by mistake, so I here you go.
I don’t mean to sound clichéd, but as far as I can recollect I think the events and memories of 2013 would remain etched in my mind for a long time. Be it brewing my own cup of coffee for a few months or waking up purely with the help of an alarm, an activity which I wouldn’t have even attempted earlier. Since mom was away trying to welcome a new member in the family, I single-handedly tried and managed to run a household. Since I was home alone for a considerable time, that was then time when a few definitions were redefined.
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I learnt that shopping also includes buying milk, veggies and stocking the fridge with not just ready-to-eat food items, but with the raw materials as well. I learnt that cooking was not just about preparing Carrot Halwa or baking a cake when I wished to, but an activity that would require me to prepare rice, Chappthi, Subji and other normal, routine food. I learnt it is easy to prepare the perfect cup of coffee/tea once in a while, and that preparing it the perfect way on a daily basis was quite a task. I learnt that cleaning did not mean dusting things once a quarter, but something that has to be done daily or at least on a weekly basis and not when I had to mood to clean up.

I enjoyed being Home-Alone for that brief period of time. I had something to keep myself occupied and since I knew it was only for some time, I enjoyed while it lasted. My mom was so proud when she heard I was managing everything in a “responsible” way.  Oh my, the things one has to do to get a few words of appreciation from the Mother. But priceless indeed 🙂
Speaking of which, there was another memorable event during which both my parents said they were extremely proud of me. Yours truly was invited to be a speaker at a TEDx event in Coimbatore. I was invited as a blogger from Chennai. You can read about it herehere and watch the video here (Do let me know how it was). I was shocked and surprised (in that order) for finding my name and video associated with the elite TEDx club. For some of you, it may not be a big deal. But for a not-so established blogger like me, it was so encouraging and motivating. I worked on a script about my blogging journey and with God’s grace delivered the speech exactly the way I’d played it on my mind. This TEDx Speaker tag is something that I would cherish and hold it close to my heart for the years to come!
Also, thanks to Indiblogger an article of mine, along with my picture, was published in the Chennai edition of Deccan Chronicle. You can read it here. Another article which I had sent to NxG Hindu was edited and published too. You can read it here.
Coming to the not-so interesting professional aspect, I took a giant leap from one end of IT, from being a developer, to another end of the corporate structure. I took up the role of a Technical Writer within the same organization. It was refreshing, promising and finally I can proudly say that I’m doing something that I enjoy.  I completed two years with the organization (another sweet reminder of how time is flying past so quickly, and it seems just yesterday I wrote about my first day at work here).
I made new friends, found new interests and I’m able to see a remarkable change in the way I deal with myself and with the people around me. I’ve got my priorities right and I’m kind of happy where I am.
As someone who is against comparison, I wouldn’t ask for 2014 to be as good as 2013. I’m giving all the freedom to 2014 to chart out its course as it wishes to. But 2013 was indeed one wonderful year among the so many others years I’ve been around.
Thank you 2013.
Here’s to 2013, for being an awesome year. 🙂
Welcome 2014.

Here’s to 2014, for new beginnings, new hopes , new wishes and new dreams. 🙂