Being Ms. Always Right!

So one fine day,
Strip created using Strip Generator

Few facts which people ought to know:

Just because people don’t argue with you, doesn’t mean you’re always right.

Just because people don’t react/respond to what you say, doesn’t mean you’re always right.

Just because people don’t argue with you, doesn’t mean they’re cowards. You have no idea how much they’re controlling their temper/irritation.

So stop assuming things, if you have the guts to handle an honest opinion.

Everyone has an opinion. We might not agree with it, but we should respect their thoughts. That is why it is always good to rightfully disagree instead of justifying it and attempting to impose it on others. 

 Agree to disagree.

(Hello 🙂 Just trying out my hand at these comic strips. Do let me know how it is. Suggestions are welcome!)


57 thoughts on “Being Ms. Always Right!

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  1. And the most abused ones 🙂

    Thanks Miku. Even I felt there was a lot of words in there. I'm looking at various websites that would let me customize comic strips exactly the way I imagine them in my mind, will definitely work on it. Thanks for the tip 🙂


  2. Great illustration! Assuming things and reacting based on those assumptions is also one way of bullying. We must definitely strive to correct such flaws which perhaps exist in varying degrees within most of us with each passing day of our life. Thanks for sharing this Ash, loved your comic strip. I hope you'll do more of these. 🙂


  3. Thank you so much Arti 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely hope to come up with more, only that these strips are taking more time than a normal post 🙂


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