Naina’s mom had no idea why her daughter was in a grumpy mood. Then..

Comic Strip created using Pixton

Some people might fight this funny or would conclude that Naina is a drama queen.

I’ve been in the same situation as Naina, at many times and I totally relate to her reaction. 

Sometimes, when we put in our best and the result is not cent percent, but still somewhere close to it, the heart feels happy about the result, but the mind years for what has been missed. It’s the very thought of coming so close, yet being so far that really hurts. Though we try to console ourselves with what is in our hands, we end up feeling frustrated thinking of what we’ve missed.

A bright student might aim for a 100 and get disappointed with a 90. An average student might aim for a 70 and be extremely happy with an 80. That’s the difference. 

Having said this, we should also learn to appreciate ourselves for what we’ve done. Most often, we end up being very hard on ourselves and end up losing faith in our abilities. The irritation of having missed out something small yet trivial should not outweigh the happiness and contentment of having pulled of a difficult job.

Striking the right balance, is the key.  It comes with experience.