Miracles do happen!

Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

Sometimes, certain things may tend to fall in place only to fall apart eventually.

Most of the time, when we’re in the process of doing something and it doesn’t turn out the way we planned, we get annoyed. We also say ‘God, I wish this turned out better’, but in a hurried and half-hearted manner because we’re more concerned about the final output than about praying to God, at that point in time. It’s almost like you know it wouldn’t happen, but you’re just saying it because you’ve run out of things to say. It is basically just a formality.

Speaking of destiny, you might feel that the entire concept sounds foolish. After all, if things are destined to happen in a certain way, how would a prayer/wish influence the outcome of an event. I had this confusion till I stumbled upon these words:

Someone asked God, ‘If everything is already written in destiny, then why should we wish for something?’

God smiled and replied ‘May be in a few places I would have written- As you wish’

Above all this, try as much as you may, certain things do not seem to be cut out for you. You’ve probably known all along and later you know for sure that it just wouldn’t happen. It might be disappointing but we’ve to accept that we are probably destined for better (read greater)things in life. We would be heart broken on realizing that the most awaited event would not materialize. But at the same time, trying not to get too emotional about it and slowly accepting the fact that perhaps it all happens for a good reason, some good reason (it better be damn good!) makes it somewhat easier to handle things in a better way.

Heaven does hide from its creatures, the holy book of fate. We might never know when things would happen the way we want and when they don’t. But we know there is a probability of things happening the right way, our way. If there is a probability, why not give it an optimistic try?

Sometimes miracles do happen, you just have to wish for it.

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  1. I have experienced a miracle and it could only be described as such. It brought me closer to God because I realized not only did He realize I was a live but that He was paying attention. Great post! ♥


  2. I agree. My little sisters birth was a miracle. Every day of her life we now count her blessings. All the odds were agains her and now she is a young adult and laughing at all the doctors.


  3. Loved reading it, esp the quote – God smiled and replied 'May be in a few places I would have written- As you wish'
    It's difficult to be positive always but then I remind myself if being negative is not giving me anything better then in same situation,at least let me try to be positive.


  4. A very thought provoking topic.
    What we consider as miracles are actually not miracles, it was just what we ourselves had destined to come across in our present lifetime, even before we were born. We were given the choice of being born in the way we wanted to be born, in the particular era, to particular parents, and it was our choice that we must go through certain things in life to become certain people. We also chose to experience whatever we are experiencing in this life, there is no foreign hand here writing our destiny.
    We have to realise also that, we are the same as the God who has created us, and that God is very knowledgeable, but all his knowledge is of no use for him or to us who are supposed to be his manifestation, for without experiencing each and every aspects of life, living life under different circumstances and living as different persons.
    We also are not bound by our past deeds, for we have the choice to change each and every aspects of our lives whenever we like to change them for our own good. It is a defeatist attitude when we say it is our fate. But again if we have led ourselves to wrongly believe so, then that will have to be our reality, for God cannot go against the our own will and beliefs. The change for good things can come the moment we change our mindset, and when we change our mindset, we see things happening for our good and we proclaim that they are all miracles.
    I totally agree with SG, the rules and regulations have been thrust on us by people ages ago to fill us with the fear of God within us, and instead of making us good people it has turned us into beggars, and also made us come up with business deals with God.
    It would be wise on our part to dwell deeper inside us to see what changes we have unconsciously brought upon ourselves, that things are falling at our feet without us even making an effort.
    I would like to quote Paula Horan ( a German author): “In some spiritual traditions this is called “doing without doing” and considered a sign of realization. Rather than being an achievement it simply is an expression of the natural state of Being which manifests the moment we let go of all the “hooks” (whatever we are attached to or identify with). Like just for example: my life is sad, nothing works for me, or nothing will ever be right, I am fated to be like this forever and so on.
    I am sorry to have taken so much space of the comment box.


  5. First of all, Thank you for having taken your time to express your thoughts here 🙂

    I like what you have said about past deeds. We do have a choice to change what happens in our life. Merely blaming it on something that happened long back, is just a way to find excuses and escape dealing with reality.

    Well, perhaps it is we who write our own destiny, and the little things which we consider as miracles may also be something we are destined for. I guess what people think of destiny is subjective 🙂

    Thanks again!


  6. Lovely post.. Soothing and beautifully written. Specially the lines-
    Someone asked God, 'If everything is already written in destiny, then why should we wish for something?'

    God smiled and replied 'May be in a few places I would have written- As you wish'.. Loved it. 🙂


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