Wait. This post isn’t about rectifying this problem. Honestly I’ve tried everything what Google said, except for physically removing the space bar and attaching it back. So after two weeks, I’ve finally decided I wouldn’t play with it anymore and I’ll be sending it to those who have the expertise to deal with such hopeless cases.

Coming back to the main intention behind this post, I’ve wanted to update something on my blog for a long time. My drafts and Notes were overflowing with ideas and I was not able to put them in the form of a post because the space bar developed problems and I was unable to type properly. I did try typing from my mobile and gave up almost immediately. I was thinking of those days when I would be stuck with the famous writer’s block and how I’d stare on the Microsoft Word screen for hours, miraculously hoping that Word would provide the spark – an idea, which I could work on. Now I’m at the other end of the scale and the grass is not greener here either.

It was only then I realized what a big mistake that I’d made. I had allowed a small space bar to have an impact on my life to the extent that I was unable to do something that I wanted to. Yes, I used to keep my blog active by posting every week. Having taken up the Goodreads’ challenge, which doesn’t allow me devote time to writing as I pleased, I promised I’d update my blog once or twice a month and publish all the pending drafts. Here I was, a lady with a plan and a space bar decided to play spoilsport. What worried me was I’d allowed it to have an impact on my schedule, to a considerable extent.

People say that when you are passionate about something, nothing can stop you. That’s the very reason it is called passion. When we are overcome by a strong sense of purpose and set about doing what our heart asks us to, we easily convert every obstacle to opportunities and not pay attention to the excuses that may creep in. We go where our hearts take us to, or in this case where the words take us to. We set forth unmindful of the boundaries and limitations. We wouldn’t dare let anything affect our state of mind. In short, there is nothing that can stop us.

Writing, for me is an extension of my talking. Being loquacious has its own advantages because that’s the very reason I started writing. I wanted to talk more, and some common sense prevailed and I resorted to putting them down in the form of words and saving it. Over all these years of writing, I’ve come a long way, sufficiently enough to say I’m passionate about writing, though I am constantly working on trying to write less lengthy articles. Thanks to the world around me for the inspiring ideas to write about, I thought there could be nothing that can stop me writing. How wrong I was.

Little did I realize that all it would take was a space bar key to test the strength of my passion. I wouldn’t say I failed miserably. I did fail, but I was quick enough to understand what was happening and take charge of things.

As they say, and as I repeatedly emphasize, it’s always the little things in the world that matter the most. In this case, it is a Space Bar.

Image Courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos