I was never a lets-take-up-a-challenge-just-for-fun person. I used to be content with what I do, and unless I see the need to take up something and unless it is essential I never venture into anything new for the sake of it. It so happened that even without my realizing it, I was stuck in a routine. Weekdays – work. Weekends – Shopping, Movies, Eating out, Hanging out with friends or I occupy myself with something to do at home. I can never remain idle, so I ensure I am occupied some way or the other. And one day, all of a sudden, I wanted to do something new.

I did myself a favor by challenging myself and not competing with anyone. I was surprised to see how I could push myself and how the initial excitement did not fade as the days passed. There was a thrill, of trying something new and staying dedicated to the action plan without anyone having to tell me so. Normally I try and relax (read waste time) during the weekends because of the amount of travel involved during the weekdays (60kms during peak traffic hours). Now I have an action packed weekend which is organized in a particular way and the best part is, it still gives me the me-time that I would never compromise. If there was anyone who was surprised the most, it definitely should be me. I never thought I would be taking up any of this and managing them and here I am.

I still have miles to go to, but the experience is thrilling. Currently, I’m focusing on the journey and not the destination and perhaps for the first time I’ve realized how beautiful the journey is, and how it has taught me more about myself, so much so that my eyes are not focused only on the finishing line, but at the immediate future as well. It’s almost like redefining the person you thought you were. It has been such a boost for my morale, considering the hectic activities going around me.

They say we never stop learning. Yes. It holds true even for our own self. We never stop learning what we are capable of. Better now than never.

Coming soon: More about the Challenges. Stay tuned! 🙂

Image Courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos