Come weekend, and all you hear and see are people’s plan for the two days and a visibly excited crowd.

When I mention “plans” for the weekend it also includes staying at home, sitting on your couch and doing absolutely nothing.

Fast forward to Monday morning, after what seems like 8 to 9 hours, you realize that the weekend is over. β€œDo you know what is worse than realizing that the weekend just flew by and all the things on your To-Do list still remain to be done? It’s the thought of having to endure a Moanday, sorry Monday”, a friend told me.

Human beings are a funny breed I tell you. God made men and women. God made the week with 7 days. People thank God for no reason on Friday and for no concrete reason whatsoever, they blame and curse and torture Monday. Thank God Monday is not a living being. Just imagine what it would have had to tolerate, just because a few people feel lazy to get up, get dressed and get to work or are just hung-over the thoughts of their weekend or put themselves in a bad mood just like that.

On my way to work, as I was scrolling through my timeline, the #iHateMonday tweets were just beginning to fill up. People getting irritated, and finding solace in the fact that there are thousands of others who might probably be enduring the same thing, has almost become a Monday morning ritual. Some days it seems as if everything goes wrong. When it happens once in a while, that’s normal. But every Monday? For no proper reason?

Monday Morning Blues are over-rated I tell you.

For very many reasons, I avoid telling myself that I hate Mondays. I believe in this A-Good-Week/Day-Should-Start-In-A-Positive-Frame-Of-Mind theory and I try and force my mind to think it’s going to be a good day, even if I feel all dull and low. It’s amazing what the power of a few positive words can do to you, and how you can overpower the involuntary mood swings and control your mood.

I found this quote today morning,

“Start every day off with a smile,
At least it’s a good start”

It was when reading this quote that the thought crossed my mind. If you really want to feel grumpy, you will. On the other hand, if you really want to feel happy, you will make an attempt to do so. The Monday morning blues are not associated with any external factors like the job or age. It is based on how you would want to tackle situations, just sitting and blaming whatever happens, or standing up and taking charge of things. It comes down to us.

(Even after all this, sometimes when things don’t go the way you want them to and people around you act like jerks at least you have a reason to hate that day and be grumpy)

So, if you are still whining about Monday, just sit back and ask yourself if you have any specific reason. If yes, try working towards it. If no, why are you wasting one day from the pages of your life? You might as well start it in a good way!

Happy Monday, folks πŸ™‚