It is one of those days that I plan to do something and things just don’t go my way.

After a good rest (a bit too long, my mind says!) from the previous Marathon (I’m not sure how many more Marathons I would take up, so that’s the reason for the emphasis here) I had taken part in, I started training for the next big Marathon that is to take place in the city. With the help of three successive alarms at 5.15 am, 5.30 am and 5.45am, I was up and running in my brand new Adidas shoes. As expected, I was exhausted from the run since I was running after almost a month. I got back home earlier than I intended to, fixed up a cup of coffee and relaxed in the couch and continued with the book I was reading.

Normally I go for swimming during the weekends but on this particular day I was exhausted and decided against swimming. The moment I decided not to head to the pool, I started feeling guilty. I was slightly worried, if this excuse would go on and on for some time, to the point where I would end up staying away from the pool forever. More than the pool, I was guilty because of the decision I had taken. I was wondering if it was alright to not follow the plan that I had charted for the day.

People around us often keep saying that human beings aren’t perfect, but some of us hardly pay attention to that. It’s not the obsession with being perfect, but following our schedules and plans. We make up the rules and then we start feeling bad if we aren’t able to follow them. We unnecessarily stress ourselves and think about why things have gone wrong. I’ve seen this happen with so many people around me. Draft a plan, and if even one thing does not go according to the plan or doesn’t materialize they lose their cool. We focus on worrying and analyzing what went wrong than focusing on what could be done.

I’m not the kind of person who meticulously plans every living minute. I’m more the kind of person who has a To-Do list on a daily basis with a realistic (and sometimes unrealistic) deadlines to check each item on the list. But sometimes when I’m unable to complete the tasks, I feel guilty. Even more guilty, if it was a conscious decision not to do something, like the scenario here.

 A little later, I realized that there was no hard-and-fast rule that all those tasks have to be completed by that day. More importantly, I realized I would have to stop worrying unnecessarily about trivial stuff and feel guilty about it. Certain things happen and certain things don’t.  Not everything works as per the plan, and it’s completely fine. After all, we’re all human beings and not machines. And there are a whole lot of things which we can worry about, some things are just not worth even worrying and wasting time over it.

We need to accept that we’re human beings, and that we’re not perfect. So what’s the use of worrying? We might as well enjoy the moment with a cup of tea 🙂

And that’s exactly what I did!