Every single day, there is a constant struggle going on in our lives.

 It’s 6.30 am. I very well know that I have to wake up and get ready for work. I know that I have to hurry up and leave the house at the stroke of 7.30 if I hoped to travel 40km comfortably. Yet, my mind doesn’t want to leave the comfort and the warmth of the blanket. Knowing very well that the wrong decision of switching off the alarm and going back to bed would trouble me, I force myself to get up and start my day. That is a struggle, every single day.

 We meet so many people, every single day. Some people make us feel better. Some people make things tougher. Come what may, they can never be satisfied with what we do. They always have some acidic remark for everything. One such remark is enough to blow up all the appreciations that we receive. And in the process of analyzing if the mistake is on our part or the other person, we put ourselves through an emotional battle (I cannot say if this is necessary or unnecessary). And that happens every single day.

We want to be known as a good person. A helpful person. We always try to be at our best. We try not to hurt people. Without realizing we end up putting others before us (very many times). Some people don’t mind that. But a few people like me, don’t like it when it happens every time. Despite knowing our priorities, it takes a backseat. We struggle to say No to others, either due to obligations or certain compulsions and bear the brunt of having accepted to do a favour. Unless we check this on time, it becomes a habit and all our wishlists would still be unfulfilled wishes. Again, there is a struggle.

We set standards for ourselves. We measure our performance based on the standards. When we feel we deserve something (some recognition), we might not get it. We get disappointed. Sometimes when we least expect the recognition/appreciation, we might feel we do not deserve it. We end up feeling guilty. Either way, there is always a struggle going on in our mind.

I started this blog. I thought it would be a child’s play. I struggled. I learnt lessons the hard way and now I can proudly call them ‘My Experiences’.

Without these struggles, I’m not sure if the spirit of having to overcome difficulties and achieve something would have been prominent. Without these struggles, I am not sure if I would have kept experimenting with new ideas based on the success or failure of the previous ideas. Without these struggles I am not sure if I would have known how much I can push myself to get something done. Without these struggles I am not sure if I would have kept moving forward, from where I started. Without these struggles, I would not have known what I am truly capable of.

I was nowhere. And now I’ve got somewhere. The various struggles along this journey, have made me move and I do hope, it will inspire me to keep moving forward.

Last month, I was featured as one among the Top Lifestyle Bloggers in Chennai. Today I’m featured in the Directory of the Top Blogs in Indian and the Most Widely Read Bloggers (under Personal Blogs).

Thank you for being a part of my journey!