Being a Rebel!

I am a true Aquarian. I am very rebellious in nature.  I know that sometimes I make life difficult for those around me but sometimes I cannot help it. I think this another trait of us Aquarians – ‘Being Independent’ is the reason behind this one too.

Let me explain.

Let’s assume that there are apples and oranges in the table. On a particular day I’m in the mood to eat apples. So when my mom asks me if I want apples or oranges, I tell her my choice and go for the apples. Sometimes she says ‘You know, these oranges, taste much better than they normally do. If you want, you can try that. Your wish’. When mom tells me this way, I know she is just offering an opinion and I also know that she is not forcing me. So I reconsider my decision and opt for the oranges. Simple right? No, it actually isn’t. 

Now when I’m in the mood to eat apples and someone else in the family (Not my mother, because she knows how to deal with me) tells me to eat apples because of many reasons and start listing them down, I get slightly irritated. Normally I don’t give it too much of a thought. But when they keep stressing on the importance of something, to the point where they force me to do something which they want to, I DO NOT oblige. There have been many instances, where in such scenarios I had opted for the oranges (though it was not my choice) instead of the apples, because I did not want to do what someone was telling me to (for something as simple as choosing between fruits). 

So the extent to which I am rebellious, depends on the situation and the person who is trying to influence my thoughts. When they offer it as an opinion, I gladly take it. But when I see warning signs of them trying to force something on me, I don’t yield.

I guess this is how I was. I guess this is how I still am (sometimes). I should say, I have mastered the art of listening to somebody and getting involved in a conversation and throwing it from my mind the second I stop talking to them, without giving them the slightest idea that I was disinterested in what they were speaking.  Though I’ve learnt to hide my reaction, the thoughts still remain rebellious.

So there was this time, when I was asking somebody an opinion about something (which I later regretted and felt Google would have given a much better option) and she was giving me their views on what they felt was the best among the choices that I had given. I also felt that she was trying her best to coax me to go with her option and not even think of the other options. I felt a little suffocated. It so happened that I ended up choosing something else, but the matter was closed. At another event, the same person came up to me and enquired about the conversations that happened during the last meeting and asked what I choose. No wait, she said ‘You choose, what I told you to, right?’

I told her I had chosen something else and I could see that she was taken aback. She asked me why, I did not feel like discussing about it in detail so I gave her a vague reply. She kept repeating what she said, and to stop her I had to be a little curt so that the conversation could end. A few minutes later, I had a conversation with myself.

‘Ash, you were a little rude to her’

‘I know!’

‘You could have told her a little politely about your choice?’

‘I tried, but she was jumping on me as if I had committed a blunder’

‘Probably she was upset that you did not choose what she asked you to.’

‘May be. I asked her for an opinion. I did not ask her to make a decision for me.’ 

‘May be she thought you were asking her to decide.’

‘That’s not my problem. That is her problem.’


‘And she was trying to force her opinion on me and trying to tell that my choice was wrong’

‘So would you have gone for her option, had she not tried to force you?’

‘Oh probably, yes!’

And this, ladies and gentlemen is the story of my life. I would rather do something half-heartedly, rather than being forced by someone else to do the ‘right’ thing, according to them!

Because it is my life and I want to do what I feel is right! 

What would you do? 

PS : I should add, this post is only about certain trivial personal choices for which we normally shouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying.

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32 thoughts on “Being a Rebel!

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  1. Do not get offended.I think you attach too much importance to what others say and change your own preferences in the process.If you had liked apples,you must stick to it no matter what others tell either in mom's clever way or in an imposing manner.


  2. So you would eat an orange (even though you wanted to eat an apple) just because someone told you apple is good for you and you should eat it. This may work for you in a personal situation but will not work for you in a work/office environment. You cannot do the opposite of what your manager tells you to do.


  3. If I am in a dilemma, I ask a few people about what to do. Then I do the exact opposite of what the majority asks me to do. Works like a charm 🙂 Generally, people don't come back to me to ask why I did something they did not suggest. If they do, they will learn why they should not decide for me and only give their opinions.

    Destination Infinity


  4. So now I have to choose my words well to ensure I am not rubbing the wrong way! Kidding:) It is always good to stick to your own choice but perhaps it is not a bad idea to listen to someone even though you may not agree, Ashwini!


  5. Very True KP Sir. I read your comment and realized how I would have conveyed something different, which was not what I intended to. I always stick to what I feel would be the best option. But for trivial things when the choices don't matter and when people force me for that, I might end up doing the opposite. I assure you, this isn't for something very important. I wouldnt even allow a third person to decide that 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words KP Sir 🙂


  6. Very well said SG. I kind of clarified that stance in my previous comment. I should have been specific about the situation and its importance and the impact it has on my life 🙂


  7. You sound like my son. 🙂 Jokes aside, I can understand. It could be to do with some people too. Just the sight of them makes you want to do the opposite of what they are saying. 😀


  8. I can understand your point of view. It is ok to rebel sometimes.
    Yes, have seen that when you ask somebody's opinion on something, they expect you to take a decision based on their thoughts/opinions. They dont get it that you had not asked them to take a decision on your behalf!


  9. as you said, you would have probably listened to them, had they not been deciding for you and were just presenting you with an advise. may be, it's not always about wanting to do the opposite, Try and listen anyways without reacting in the very first second. At the end we'll do only what we want to do, just that we'll have more options to chose from.
    Duh, enough of me preaching, I hate it too when people would never shut up about I should do certain things (as I care) 😛
    take care Ash..:)


  10. At the end of the day, we need to take responsibility of our actions alone and we have only our own self to answer. How people convey their thoughts/ideas/opinions was never in our hands and will never be. Listen to everyone but always do your own thing… this is the simple mantra I try to follow. I guess, the case you cited is one where we purposely rebel because we feel like teaching someone a lesson, right? Oh and yes… I am an aquarian as well! 🙂


  11. Thank you monica 🙂

    You know, you can easily figure out if someone is genuinely interested in what you say or if they're just trying to show off. So you can decide if its worth listening to 🙂

    But yes, it always pays to listen to others, it might come in handy 🙂


  12. So true Aarti. We have a lot of options to chose from, but the final decision is always ours. So we shouldn't blame others, to the point where we allow them to have an influence over our decisions/Thoughts!

    Oh, you're an Aquarian too? Awesome 🙂 Born rebels, aren't we? 🙂


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