So, What’s New?

Are you still wishing people for New Year? It already seems like something from the past for me. Today when an acquaintance wished me for the New Year, my immediate reaction was ‘Wasn’t that long back?’ Though it’s just been about 10 days since the year started, things are so hectic here that only now I realized I hadn’t blogged this month so far.

So 2014, was an interesting year for me. Taking a step back and looking at all what I did (and wanted to do), I wonder from where I had the energy to do so much. Most often my energy levels oscillated between I want to spend every minute doing something to I want, to I want to just eat Lays and watch Friends again (and again… and again…). I did waste time doing nothing, but I did do a lot of stuff. So when people who read my blog asked me what plans I had for 2015, I felt I had to take it slowly.

Not that I was exhausted, but me being me, one minute I would love to be multitasking, and an hour later I would want to be alone, in an isolated corner, with my thoughts. Considering all this, I did not want to take any public resolutions apart from the Reading Challenge (yes, I’ve already written down a few personal resolutions which I also did last year, which I also stuck to for the entire year. If you’re looking for someone who has kept a resolution, you’re at the right place). I used to keep telling my mother that I needed more time to do all that I want to, and to take more rest.

Keeping all this in mind, I made sure I took specific goals. Last year it was about doing 3 new things. This year I said I will write so many articles per week/month. Last year it was about doing something generic. This year it is about doing something specific. It does save time and when you know what exactly you want to do. So it doesn’t feel like you are constantly working on something or the other all the time. And it does give you time to breathe.

So, that’s the plan this year. To take the lessons learnt from 2014 and ensure that I don’t make the same mistakes (new mistakes are always welcome, but not the same old ones!). I think this year I have a clearer sketch of what I would be writing on Dec 31 2015. So let’s see how it goes!


My Customized Planner for 2015 😉  

P.S: I just got back from work and I was in the mood to write. I’m pretty exhausted and hence this ‘Keep-Calm-let’s-take-things’ slowly post. For all you know, tomorrow I might come up with a ‘To-hell-with-this-post-I’m-doing-more-things-this-year’ story. I like being unpredictable. Apart from the element of surprise, it is fun when people think they know you and then you come up with something they never would’ve thought of! *evil laugh* 🙂

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  1. My own view on this is 'Do what you wish to do,do more of it if you like but do not have any compulsion or must do constraints'.Resolutions are just guidelines or sign posts of where you want to reach.They can be jettisoned without qualm if inconvenient.


  2. Thank you 🙂 I took it up like a challenge and I that is what kept me motivated. And I've just noted down the lessons learnt, lets see if I'm actually able to follow them 🙂


  3. I am a sucker for diaries and planners. Especially personalized ones. By the way, you stuck to your resolutions? Wow. I wish I could do the same. Going by the record of not achieving any resolutions, I didn't make any this year 😛


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