I was reading a book, when I came across a point where the protagonist goes to a church and heads to the confession box.  That’s when I kept thinking how easy things are for those who go to churches. Not that we can do anything and then confess about it, but there are certain things, which might seem trivial, which are better off shared with someone rather than keeping it to ourselves. But there is a problem here, whom do we share it with?

You might wonder why this such a big deal.  We have friends and family and there will be at least one person with whom we share a good rapport and a comfortable equation. But the problem is, people judge us or we are scared that people will judge us. Not in the wrong way, but we’ve come to a point where people around keep evaluating us. We are aware that the moment we open our eyes and take a step forward, people keep watching us. This includes our close family members and friends too. Sometimes we might not want to, but inadvertently and subconsciously we end up judging others. Not for each and every simple thing, but you never know.

For instance, when I told a friend that I refused to help someone (it wasn’t a life-threatening situation, and I’m stating this clearly because I don’t want you to judge me) because the said person was mean to me, I did notice an expression in the face which did convey more than it intended to. I explained that the person behaved unprofessionally and spoke behind my back. My mom always says it’s ok if I don’t help but I shouldn’t be a nuisance. Well I took her words seriously this time and refused to help and still tried not to be a nuisance.

So coming back to the confession boxes, it would be really nice if we had the chance to talk to someone (probably who doesn’t know us or about us), pour our heart out and get rid of all those heavy thoughts which keep burdening us (Never underestimate the power of a simple thought). If only we had the option of identifying someone, speaking with them and then using a reset button, to erase any traces of information that the other person might have held on to.

This way I can have the satisfaction of having shared something that kept bothering me, and I wouldn’t have to worry about the other person judging me.  If you have any such person in your life, please hold on to them and don’t ever let them run away from you. But if you’re like me, and you don’t want to burden anyone (read trust) with your stories, we need to wait for intelligent people to pull of something using technology. Till such time the world comes up with a solution for this, I’ll go back to talking with my pillows.

Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos