Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!

My blog turns 8 this month.

With four years of random blogging and four years of regular blogging, my blog crosses another personal milestone. This was an equally remarkable year as my blog was featured in the Top Indian Blogs and among the Top Bloggers in Chennai and a weebly interviewed me (I loved answering their questions). And also, thanks to an internal forum at work where we’re allowed to write, a lot of people have been reading my blog and giving me their feedback. One random person at work (who had attended a session of mine) came up to me and said she read my blog. I’ve still no idea how she found out it was me. The highlight of all this was when someone I admire (a celebrity of sorts), happened to go through my blog and spoke with me for almost an hour when we happened to meet. My happiness knew no bounds and I’m sure that my blog was happy too 🙂

In the past few months, I’ve received about 3 or 4 mails from bloggers about my blog. I’m not sure if it’s common, but for me it’s new and I loved it :-). There was a teenager who wrote such a lovely letter to me. I happened to read that on a Monday morning and it felt great to note that she was ‘inspired’ by my blog. I always tell people that inspiration is a very big word, but when they still insist on using that term, I feel extremely honoured. Thanks to all those who took time to write to me just like that.

My heartfelt thanks to all those who still keep dropping by. I’ve been lucky to meet so many wonderful people through my blog and each one of you inspire me in some way or the other. The last year was hectic with a lot of cooking, baking, running marathons, reading challenges and experimenting with new stuff. I try as much to stay connected to Blogosphere, but it’s the encouragement from all of you who still care to leave a thought here that makes me want to get back and keep writing. Thanks to all your motivation and inspiration, without which I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to make it this far.

Almost thrice this year, I decided to move to WordPress and I also went to the extent of setting up a WordPress blog. But I was slightly hesitant, and I kept it for some other time. A little later when I thought it was time to migrate something held me in the last minute. So I deleted the new blog and decided to stay here. This feels like home and I guess my loyalties lie here, to the one who helped me grow as a blogger. And what’s a better place than home? 😉

So that’s it from me, for now. I will continue to write, if possible more, and try to be more regular.

Thank you my dear ‘Blog’ for sticking with me for so long. I know I can be tough to handle at times :-D. You’re more than a blog, you’re a great friend of mine! 🙂 

Thanks again !


46 responses to “Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!”

  1. Congratulations! Eight years of blogging for a young person is indeed an admirable achievement.The content is varied and always interesting.However the frequency of posting is going down as can be seen from 2012 onward..As a regular reader I wish that you write more often than you do presently


  2. Congratulations! Such letters and mails just make your day. And when non-bloggers say – they read your blog, it is an ultimate feeling.

    Even I think of transferring my blog to wordpress but as you have said, loyalties lie here. 🙂

    Great accomplishment, keep up the good work.


  3. Congratulations and happy birthday to your blog. May your blog live another 80 years. I always look forward to reading your posts.


  4. I too have completed 8 years of blogging (I guess). But I never received even one compliment about my writing until now. In fact, I go around asking people I meet on how they found my blog, whether they were inspired, etc. but they just don't seem to remember anything related to my blog at all! So I can appreciate what you have achieved 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  5. Congratulations!!
    I hate wordpress, in fact I had to stop going to some of my friends who have shifted to wordpress because it always has some problem, many times I am not able to post comments there, it is really irritating. Also it doesn't look all that great or attractive, and is definitely not user friendly. I wish my friends had stayed with blogspot. I cannot understand their fascination for wordpress.
    Anyway, I hope I am never forced to change to wordpress, I remember how irritated I was when we were forced to shift from msn to wordpress. Thank God I already had an unused account at blogspot, I immediately changed to that.
    I have been blogging from 2005, and here I have been blogging from 2008.
    Thanks to the encouragements from my children, I could come so far.
    Yes, we all need inspiration, and encouragement, and we need to give forward the same to others.
    I am also very glad to have such friends like you.


  6. Great going, Ashwini! Congrats and wishing you many more years of blogging. Loved your loyalty story. Yes, we get attached to a lot of things because of our sentiments and then are loathe to change 🙂


  7. Congratulations, Ash. Eight years of blogging is an incredible achievement, it requires a great deal of commitment and motivation to keep blogging regularly for so long. Kudos to you for sticking with it. 🙂

    Every time I come on to your blog, I always get something fun and interesting to read. And although I have been following your blog since late 2011, I have been an irregular reader. My apologies for that. But I will take pride in the fact that I am the only one who remembers your actual blog anniversary, every year. I will wish you again on the 13th. 😀

    Here's to many more years of great blogging!


  8. Congrats Ash 🙂
    I have been reading your blogs for a long, long time now, and I Have never once left this webpage without learning something meaningful.
    Keep going and happy writing..All the best !!
    Love and Regards..


  9. Wow!!! 8 years???! That's a big milestone!! 🙂 Truly your blog offers great writing and inspiration 🙂 Keep giving us great posts!!! Here's to the joy of blogging! 🙂


  10. Thanks a lot Rajesh 🙂

    I've always admired the way you write about any topic with ease, something that I cannot do and I'm a big fan of your fiction. Thanks a lot and Congrats to you too 🙂


  11. Thanks Rama 🙂

    I'm not sure why, but even after having imported the entire blog I wasnt happy. I think I should have given it some time to get used to the new UI but somehow I didn't want to do it and deleted the entire thing.

    I'm really glad to have found friends like you. Thank you 🙂


  12. Thank you so much 🙂

    I've many sentiments like that, which others might call silly but I have this weird sense of loyalty for certain trivial stuff. Thanks again.


  13. Thank you Akshay 🙂

    Yes, what a co-incidence! Thanks for stopping by every now and then, I really wish you would write more. Glad to know that you find it interesting.

    Cheers! 🙂


  14. Congratulations on such an amazing milestone!! It does feel wonderful when people reach out to tell you how they love your blog and I'm glad you have such a lovely reader base!!
    You don't have to move to WordPress if you don't feel an urgent need! If this works, then it's just fine to stick with it!


  15. Congratulation and never a better morning than waking up to an email as such 🙂 Lovely post and best wishes 😉


  16. Congratulations, Ashwini. That is really wonderful. Wish you many more achievements. It truly is nice when people reach out to you and tell you that they love your writing.


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