I Google for the most random things. That’s how I stumbled upon an old blog post by someone who had ranted about how a popular blogger (a decade back) had been receiving a lot of attention for some badly written post. According to him, the post was one of the worst attempts by the blogger and he couldn’t understand how people (a lot!) were able to appreciate the blogger for the attempt.

What was interesting in the post was the Content vs Popularity that he spoke about. He argued that sometimes when a person is popular, either because of their blogs or because of some other reason, their posts are always a hit, irrespective of the quality of the content. That got me thinking and I paused for a while to see if I had witnessed something similar in the Blogosphere.

Despite what everyone says, ‘Is content always the ‘King/Queen?’

Not always, would be my answer. 

I’m not generalizing, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it was true in some ways.

Thanks to the many blogging forums, I try and read as many blogs as possible when I’m bored. There have been times when I’ve come across some wonderfully written poems or a well-balanced article and there would hardly be any comments appreciating their efforts. Or worse, it would just be a ‘Good one’ comment. You might probably say that the blogger wouldn’t have promoted the post well (apart from blogging forums). I agree. But doesn’t that stand testimony to the viewpoint that content isn’t *always* the king/queen?

Let’s consider the other scenario, which is pretty common. You find an article written by a famous person. The person could have become famous through blogging or some other way. You see hundreds of comments already and start reading it with interest. A few lines into the post and you wonder what the blogger was trying to say. You give the blogger the benefit of doubt and proceed. You reach the end of the post and still wonder what you might have possibly missed. You look at the comments to get some idea and all you see are ‘Good one’, ‘Nicely written’ and so on. And you know you aren’t alone.

I reiterate what I said. I’m not generalizing. It’s just that it has indeed become a trend of sorts. There have been posts which becomes popular even if the blogger isn’t a known face but in many scenarios which I’ve seen the popularity tag has a lot more to do than the content. I agree that there are a lot of other important parameters that have to be taken into consideration, but I’m only sharing my experiences in the Blogosphere.

On a personal note, on any day I’d prefer a handful of genuine comments than a hundred one/two word comments. I have a different definition of what popularity is *wink*.

So, have you come across such blogs that was spoken about in this article? Do share your experiences.

Note: I’m neither popular nor are my posts that great to go viral. So everything written here is just based on observations and interactions with other blogs/bloggers.