You know how you’re doing something and suddenly you get an idea and then you realize life is not going to be the same forever. I’m sure many of us would’ve come across such life-changing ideas. That’s precisely how writing happened to me.  

A few years back, all it took to start writing was my Dad’s new laptop and an agenda-free home-alone Sunday. Almost close to a decade later I’m still writing (I’d give you the actual number of years, but decade sounds cooler). 

Creative Writing

I always had an interest in grammar. I liked the rules and loved the exceptions (rebels like me) to the rules so much that I used to read Wren and Martin when I could find time. One day we had a talent exam and there was creative writing, which I had attempted for the first time. I wrote something and remember giving a last minute twist. Imagine my surprise when I won a special mention for scoring the highest in creative writing. That’s when I silently thanked my Grandma, the books that I’d been reading and Wren and Martin for all the story prompts.

Writing Emails

By the time I was in college I knew I could write decently. I wrote for a couple of magazines within college and a few other college-related magazines. Since I was the MC in most programmes at college I had to write out the script for the events. In our final year, I wrote lengthy mails to a few close friends describe how I’d met them and how the various friendships blossomed through the 4 years and gave it as a farewell gift to each of them. I was aware that it was quite lengthy and was apprehensive about the same, but almost everyone who received my mails loved it and in fact I continued to write mails to them till WhatsApp happened.

Call me old fashioned, but I love writing mails to chatting in Instant Messengers. When you write something, you have the thoughts flowing in your mind on and you can write it without disruption. Sometimes while chatting, when the other person says something in a different context, we tend to divert and forget what we wanted to say. Thanks to a few friends, I still relish sending lengthy mails on special occasions like their birthdays and relish reading even lengthier mails in return. It really makes it worth the wait to read what answers they have for your questions.

Writing Letters

A few bloggers happened to discuss about our respective passion for writing and decided to write to each other. We posted handwritten letters within ourselves, some within the city, some in different cities and a few in different countries. I have never received/sent letters and it was exciting. We would write about random stuff and share our thoughts on a few things. It was amazing. I’ve saved the few letters that I received and read them sometimes. I should probably start writing more.

I try as much to write things down and I’m making it a conscious effort. To ensure that I write more (apart from my blog), I started sending notes to people on their birthdays and bought a fancy planner (got it customized with my name) and make good use of sticky notes. The more I write, the more I realize that it’s the first few seconds that makes you wonder if it is worth all the effort, and the next few seconds assure you that it is.

I’m still trying to think of ways in which I could write more. If you have any suggestions, do let me know 🙂


 Image Courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos