For the Love of Writing!

You know how you’re doing something and suddenly you get an idea and then you realize life is not going to be the same forever. I’m sure many of us would’ve come across such life-changing ideas. That’s precisely how writing happened to me.  

A few years back, all it took to start writing was my Dad’s new laptop and an agenda-free home-alone Sunday. Almost close to a decade later I’m still writing (I’d give you the actual number of years, but decade sounds cooler). 

Creative Writing

I always had an interest in grammar. I liked the rules and loved the exceptions (rebels like me) to the rules so much that I used to read Wren and Martin when I could find time. One day we had a talent exam and there was creative writing, which I had attempted for the first time. I wrote something and remember giving a last minute twist. Imagine my surprise when I won a special mention for scoring the highest in creative writing. That’s when I silently thanked my Grandma, the books that I’d been reading and Wren and Martin for all the story prompts.

Writing Emails

By the time I was in college I knew I could write decently. I wrote for a couple of magazines within college and a few other college-related magazines. Since I was the MC in most programmes at college I had to write out the script for the events. In our final year, I wrote lengthy mails to a few close friends describe how I’d met them and how the various friendships blossomed through the 4 years and gave it as a farewell gift to each of them. I was aware that it was quite lengthy and was apprehensive about the same, but almost everyone who received my mails loved it and in fact I continued to write mails to them till WhatsApp happened.

Call me old fashioned, but I love writing mails to chatting in Instant Messengers. When you write something, you have the thoughts flowing in your mind on and you can write it without disruption. Sometimes while chatting, when the other person says something in a different context, we tend to divert and forget what we wanted to say. Thanks to a few friends, I still relish sending lengthy mails on special occasions like their birthdays and relish reading even lengthier mails in return. It really makes it worth the wait to read what answers they have for your questions.

Writing Letters

A few bloggers happened to discuss about our respective passion for writing and decided to write to each other. We posted handwritten letters within ourselves, some within the city, some in different cities and a few in different countries. I have never received/sent letters and it was exciting. We would write about random stuff and share our thoughts on a few things. It was amazing. I’ve saved the few letters that I received and read them sometimes. I should probably start writing more.

I try as much to write things down and I’m making it a conscious effort. To ensure that I write more (apart from my blog), I started sending notes to people on their birthdays and bought a fancy planner (got it customized with my name) and make good use of sticky notes. The more I write, the more I realize that it’s the first few seconds that makes you wonder if it is worth all the effort, and the next few seconds assure you that it is.

I’m still trying to think of ways in which I could write more. If you have any suggestions, do let me know 🙂


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  1. Could totally relate with us post Ashwini. I started as a travel blogger and thought I could never write anything other than my travel tales… now I see a story everywhere! 🙂
    Btw – the moment a thought forms in my mind which could translate into a story, I jot it down on my cell phone. 🙂 cheers!


  2. I also started writing years ago, and had many of my “Middles” published in Deecan Herald. I am not so good in the Grammar department, although I have a BA Hons. in English, and an MA in English too. Since people watching is my favourite pass time wherever I am made to wait, I always find something interesting to write about. Later,my children encouraged me to blog, and from that time it is only blogging.
    I know a lady who makes good money out of writing creatively for people who cannot write, like she would write poems for some occasion, like a wedding anniversary, birthday, special marriage wows. She has made a profession out of her passion for writing, which is really admirable. There was an article about her in Times of India, too.
    Maybe, you could also do something like that, so that you always have some thing stimulating to write about,it does'nt matter whether you want to make money from it or not.It is indeed a very creative outlet.


  3. I hate grammar. I hate rules of any sort, but this is something I hate so much. What to do, I am forced to follow grammar rules! 😛

    I have recently discovered that writing on paper gives a better feel than writing on the keyboard. Try it.

    Destination Infinity


  4. To me, writing is to convey your thoughts to the other person. I is coming to your home tomorrow AND i am coming to your home tomorrow convey the same meaning. What if the first one is grammatically incorrect. It conveys your thoughts. That is OK with me.


  5. Writing becomes an addiction once you start it. I know this feeling very well. It's really a great idea to exchange snail-mails…those have become almost antique ones these days, but I still love those letters which I received from by pen friends when I was in school. 🙂 …


  6. When I can't put myself to sleep, taking out a diary and scribbling things is what I do! Writing is one of the most amazing stress busters. And pen and paper are the soul of the body called writing I believe. You can start diary entry kind of thing to keep yur love for writing going:)


  7. Writing is an awesome passion but unfortunetly the readers species is getting extinct…with fast paced world no one have time to read couple paragraphs instead njoy a troll posted 🙂
    Your post took me back in time when i first posted my writing back in 2006 and still managing to keep up writing.
    Please drop by be the judge of my writing and i will be honored.


  8. I used to write a lot too. A lot of letters. Everything is gone with the wind now. I miss reading Wren and Martin. It was one of my fav. books of all time. I think I should buy a copy and keep it. Keep writing. I wish to write soon. I miss it.


  9. In hindsight, Wren and Martin is such a dainty and lovely name for a book on grammar guidelines. It's always nice to read when people discuss what writing means to them. It burns, ebbs and flows in so many different ways in us.


  10. I use the Notes on my phone predominantly for jotting down ideas for writing 🙂 There were days when I would have nothing to write about, now I have so many ideas, but time!

    Cheers 🙂


  11. Wow, your articles were published? Awesome 🙂 Glad your children encouraged you.

    I think I've become a better observer of what goes around me, just to see if I get any writing prompts, but I thoroughly enjoy the experience of observing and then writing about it later.

    Nice to know about the person you mentioned. Just the other way I was telling my friend, Put money and deadlines in the picture and you take all the fun out of writing (for most people) 🙂


  12. Oh yes, the hand starts paining after writing a page, but when I feel like writing something which I dont want to share with anyone, I try writing on a paper. It's fun 🙂

    And Grammar fascinated me with its rules and exceptions, so I'm slightly partial 😀


  13. I remember reading an article related to this. I felt the points written for and against following grammar were fair enough, I couldnt really come to a conclusion. As long as one is able to understand what is being communicated, it should be fine, but grammar gives a common structure which everyone can follow. I still can't take sides on that 🙂


  14. I remember writing letters in school as an activity, but I think we've lost the patience for it these days. I did write letters recently, but it was just a one time affair. I've resorted to sending emails, which is way more convenient 🙂


  15. I wrote for 3 years and then decided to stop, worried about the thought of others finding out where I hide them and reading it. So I write now and then and destroy the evidence 🙂


  16. Talk about listicles, gifs and other elements taking up most of the 'articles' today. And what you mentioned is true, so many writers but hardly any readers these days. I will definitely visit your blog, but I wont judge, each of us have our own writing style 🙂


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