What is your dream career?

“Twenty years from now you would be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do, than by the ones that you did do”

Mark Twain’s words have had a great impact on me. I happened to read this a few years back and the words remain intact in my mind.

The other day I told my Mom I wanted to learn to play the keyboard. She gave a sarcastic look and continued with her work. In her defence, her reaction is justified as I’d told her I wanted to learn music the previous week, and the week before that I said I wanted to learn to make terracotta jewellery and the week before that… You get the drift!

My name in Sanskrit means a horse and I was born in the Chinese year of horse. So there is a considerable influence of horse in my life. Just like a horse, I get distracted easily. If something doesn’t hold my attention for long I don’t think twice before giving it up. I’d rather try something new and fail in that attempt rather than doing something which doesn’t challenge/stimulate me. So that’s how I took up activities like painting, dancing, yoga, Zumba, marathon, swimming, baking, driving and a few other activities. I have given up a lot after getting bored.

For a person with so many interests and hobbies I did have a lot of aspirations for a professional life too, right from when I was young. That’s the advantage of being the youngest in the family and in the generation. You get inspired by many people. Since it’s not mandatory to be realistic when dreaming, I haven’t set any limitations. And I don’t have just one dream career, there are multiple options here. Read on.

  • Engineer: This is the default answer I gave anyone who asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up. I had no idea what engineers did then, but as a software engineer I did enjoy a few years I spent as a developer.
  • Banker : I was born in a family of Bankers. It all started with Grandpa, who worked with the Reserve Bank for about 40 years. So this was a natural choice.
  • Teacher : There is nothing more gratifying than shaping up the lives of individuals who would later go on to become responsible citizens in the society. Though I did not get to be a teacher, at least I got my chance to be a Faculty at work (and a humble brag, I was one among the many recipients of the Best Faculty Award in 2014)
  • Advocate : This is primarily due to an overdose of reading books in which how the lawyer manoeuvres the case, challenging the wits of the mastermind criminals.
  • News Reader : One of those things which people with a loud and clear voice always want to do.
  • Writer : This happened very recently. Not the I-want-to-write-a-book kind of writer, but I-want-to-write-columns kind of a writer. Still a long way to go, but I have taken a few steps.

Even the sky is not the limit for some of us. I’m sure everyone would have a dream career and some might even be living their dreams. So, what did you dream of becoming when you were young? Have you stopped dreaming or you still dare to?

Would love to hear from you all on this 🙂

(Note: This is different version of the post that I’d written on my blog 3 years back – My Dream Career.)

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  1. When I was asked what my ambition was by the MD of Ananda Vikatan during my 2nd year of college, I said I wanted to start and run my own website. I had never thought of that before — it was an answer given by instinct than by any thoughtful consideration. I never thought about it henceforth. But here I am, ten years later, doing exactly what I mentioned then. Maybe we should listen to our intuitions!

    Destination Infinity


  2. Ashwini my earliest ambition was to be a librarian,so that i would have all the books at my disposal.
    Little did i know that having books is not enough,you should have the time too.Many jobs demand an adult's time and attention.


  3. I am an extreme extrovert and a non-stop talker. I wanted to be a College Professor teaching History. That did not happen. I received in MBA in Finance and entered the corporate world.


  4. I think for me, it started with being a scientist when I was in school. Then realized, that involves a lot of study 😛 Then changed it to Engineering. When I joined Engineering, I realized it involved a lot of study, but still managed to go well and finish it somehow.. Then MBA. Check. Now, as you also pointed out, a writer, probably when I am in my 40's.. 😀


  5. Well, I wanted to be an IAS Officer, but then i stopped thinking about it when i came to know most of them are Corrupt! Then i was mad about Cricket (of course), which i had to give up after school.

    Now, i have a dream of rising to the top in the Corporate World (since many years) and i think i am well on track…i plan to not give up on this 🙂

    Good to know more about you. I recently watched a movie where a guy loved a lady and other people advised him not to be so after her since he would get bored easily after a few interactions 🙂


  6. Well Ashwini, you are not alone in this. When I was a kid my dream was to be a painter. I ended up doing engineering. Then I switched on to IT consulting and then to management consulting and coaching. Now I am hooked on to blogging. Maybe I get bored too easily with one kind of work. But let me give you an uncalled for advice …I still feel that persistence pays. Btw the horse connection is interesting. 🙂


  7. Oh yea, I remember thinking of lab coats and geek glasses and chemistry lab apparatus when I thought of scientists. I like how these goals evolve over time. With more focus on them being realistic than just a dream coming true.


  8. Good luck on that Alok :-). Someday I dream to be a head of an organisation too. Since starting on your own involves a lot of work, I'm thinking of the corporate ladder as well. Good luck to us then 🙂


  9. Of course, persistence pays when you get serious about it. I have a plan that's pretty close to the chest so I casually wrote about other interesting things that I'd like to see take shape 🙂


  10. I have retired from a career in Advertising & Marketing. The joke (on me) is I never dreamt of a career at all when I was young. Life's circumstances led me there (the need to earn money). No regrets though. Sometimes, it's okay not to have a dream. Life seems like one anyway:)


  11. Hmmm I have already dabbled in Brand management, Medical Transcription, teaching and writing. I guess, someday I would like to have my own cozy eatery, even a psychologist or a counselor sounds good. 🙂


  12. I happened to see your profile when I read your blog yesterday, is there something you haven't done? Wow! Such an inspiring personality 🙂

    Life turned out amazing for you, so there was no need for a dream per se. I couldn't agree more 🙂


  13. What I'm worried about it, if I own an eatery I'll eat everything available :-D. I've always had an interest in psychiatry, though not deep enough to take it up as a profession. Who knows 😉


  14. I jump around in trying out different things too!! That's why, when I really started exercising, I decided I was not going to stick to a single form, because I would drop it in a week!!
    I wanted to be a librarian when I was young!! At least, I have books in my own house!! 😀


  15. I have dabbled into sales, brand management, faculty at MBA institute and now a corporate trainer. A home based business is on my mind now… hope it takes form and shape soon!


  16. Somehow I like working out, so that was never a problem. Though I had to keep changing my workout schedule as I kept getting bored too soon 😀

    And librarian. Wow. You must have a lot of patience 🙂


  17. Choosing a career is really a tough task when you feel like doing so much. This post was relatable and inspiring to the extent that I’ve taken up a couple of my interests to the next level without worrying about the overwhelming environment that I am going to have. 🙃 This made me Get Up and Get Going!


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