Quotes Challenge #1 – The Problem with Being Strong!

I like quotes. There is something about those words, which have been spoken from experiences. When you can relate to the quote, it feels amazing that years back someone had similar experiences about it. So, when I saw posts on the Quotes challenge, I naturally decided to take it up.

One of my favorite quotes, that I’ve come across till date,

I don’t know how exactly it happened, I’m a strong independent person (to an extent). People whom I’ve known have told me this very many times and even asked me how I became the person I am today. As much as I like to talk, I’m very bad at answering things that happen without my conscious effort. I tell them it’s probably got to do with the genes, the upbringing, the environment, exposure and all that. I’ve never really given it too much of a though myself, to be honest.

Sometimes I’ve wondered if I was being a hypocrite and putting up a bold front to justify my persona.  Only then I realize that it’s an option that I chose and inadvertently it became a habit. I have very clearly defined lives – My life, Life with Family, Life at Work, Life with Friends and so on. So if there was a problem with any one, I had my way of taking care of things with the help of people from my other lives.

But (there’s always but to these things right?), things haven’t always been easy for me. Today people see what I am, but they don’t see what made me the person I am. They see the output, but they don’t see the amount of efforts, disappointments and challenges that came my way. Sometimes everything goes horrible wrong. Just when you think life cannot get worse, life seems to take it up as a challenge and gives you some horrible experiences. Sigh!

It’s during times like this, that I wish people actually took time to listen to me, without the need to respond and just tell me things will be fine, even if they don’t have a clue. People take it for granted and say ‘Oh, she is a strong person, she’ll know how to take care of it.’ Yes. I very well know how to take care of things, but when the whole world seems to be conspiring against me (and I’m not pretending to be brave about it), I’d be able to handle things better even if a single person just casually says, it’s going to be fine (FYI : These words are so magical).

They say some people are strong, because they didn’t have an option. I’m lucky life left that choice to me. I chose to be strong. I know there would be challenges along the way and I look forward to them. I know they’re not the end of the world. I know all that, but wouldn’t it be reassuring if I heard it from someone else. There is something magical about the way a living being cares for another and takes time to express it. Absolutely magical. I’ve been lucky enough to experience the magic once in a while, have you experienced it?

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  1. The same happens with me. What helps is showing your vulnerability once in a while. I do that. Even my writing reflects that I am human with my failings. Being strong does not mean infallible.


  2. That's a good quote.
    True that “It's going to be fine” are magical words. Like you said, yes, we handle all that life throws at us, but still – it's sad (not sad, but upsetting) when people think you're invincible or something!


  3. You are absolutely correct. As you said, we will be able to handle things better if someone tell us “It's going to be fine”. While reading this post, the following lines from a song (I am Woman) by Helen Reddy comes to my mind:

    Oh yes, I am wise
    But it's wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I've paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong
    I am invincible
    I am woman


  4. Generally, if I think I can handle something, I can, until someone comes to me and says 'I am sure you can do it.' Then, I start having doubts 😛 So I am better left by myself 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  5. I am usually the weak one. I constantly need someone to pump courage in me, when faced with challenges. Someone has to keep saying that everything will be alright. But I agree with you. Even those who act strong, need support during trying times.


  6. Ashwini, although I am in agreement with you on most points you highlighted, I have a slight difference of opinion as far as one statement is concerned – “They say some people are strong, because they didn’t have an option.” We do have an option here, maybe by siding with someone who knows our weakness more clearly than most. One person / one group upon whom we can rely on, in times of need.. They could be friends / family / better half etc.. We can continue remaining strong in front of the world, but these closed ones will be the only ones who know us better.. 🙂


  7. Lucky you 🙂 The best feeling in the world is when someone understands exactly what we're going through, without us having to say it openly. Actions speak louder than words 😉


  8. Haha. I've experienced this a few times. Sometimes people do it to an extreme and instead of encouraging us, we end up wondering if we're really worth all of what they said 🙂


  9. Binu, I was referring to a quote which says – You have no idea how strong you can be, if being strong is the only choice that you're left with. But I agree with what you say, we need to open up and talk to people (a trusted few, perhaps) about how we feel, without being worried about the 'strong' image that goes with our name. Very true 🙂


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