Review : Three One Act Plays, The Hindu Theatre Fest 2015

The Hindu Theatre fest was back this year and what a lovely set of plays they had featured. I wanted to ensure that I went for at least one of the plays. I wanted to go for Hamlet first, but that was scheduled to be played on a weekday and I wasn’t so sure about it. So I opted for Three One Act Plays – Timothy (Evam), The Grand Rehearsal (Theatre Zero) and Radiopotti (Stray Factory).

All 3 plays were wonderful. We were told that we could send our reviews of the plays. Promptly I sent mine. Not only did it get published in the following week’s Metro Plus Edition under Citizen Reviews, it also won a meal for two at The Park 🙂 I was all hyper on Tuesday morning when I saw my name in the paper. Of course, who wouldn’t be?

(I’ve posted the review here, as the contents might not be readable in the pic.)

You can read it here – Take 3 : Three One Act Plays

Timothy –  Is Timothy what he seems?

I was intrigued when I read about Evam’s play and was curious to watch it. Annette summons her pals Issad and Susan to tell them something important about her husband, Timothy. She manages to convince them and seeks their assistance in her plan. By chance, Issad and Susan get to know Timothy’s side of the story and wonder if they have done the right thing in helping Annette.

But wait, is Timothy what he seems?

The incredibly handsome Timothy, peculiar Annette, nervous Susan and perceptive Issad (and the leaky tap) did a wonderful job, and Susan’s and Issad’s characters deserve a special mention. The dialogues were amazingly written and wonderfully delivered. Just when you think you are on the brink of figuring out the plot, you’d be in for a surprise. We had to keep guessing till the very end, apart from laughing every now and then,  to see if Annette’s ‘issues’ were a figment of her imagination or if they were real.  The sense of timing in every aspect of the play was perfect. It was indeed a delight to watch the play. You’ve got to give it to the cast and crew for executing the entire play in style.

The Grand Rehearsal – A rib-tickling rehearsal.

Describing this play as hilarious would definitely be an under-statement. The play was an absolute laughter riot and was undoubtedly the best play of the evening. You know how you have no expectations from something and it turns out to be amazing, yes that is exactly how I would describe this rehearsal. A drama by the ‘Mambalam Boys, Originally’ troupe is set to be reviewed by a critic, but the key performers are nowhere to be seen. With no alternative, the director decides to proceed with the members of the crew – the prompter, the tea vendor and so on. Whether he manages to pull it off and impress the critic, is what the play is about.

Every member of the cast did a brilliant job, right from the Director to the critic with a Jolna pai. You could almost feel the director’s (of the troupe) helplessness when he tries to set things right, but everything goes horribly wrong. Even before you could stop laughing for one joke, another joke would be thrown at you and you’d start laughing all the more. The hall reverberated with the audience’ laughter. There wasn’t a single moment of silence as far as I remember. It really seemed as if we were taken a few decades back in time. The live music of the troupe and the dance by the two beauties added to the entertainment, reminding us again to which decade we were transported to.

It was a job extremely well done!

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  1. Somehow I love watching plays, watching it live is a magical experience for me 🙂

    I'm sure you would've won the voucher had you watched the play and sent your review.

    Thank you 🙂


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