When Dreams Come True!

For some time now, a few things have constantly been on my mind. You can call them dreams, goals or whatever term you use to describe something that you work/pray for. Being someone who focuses on getting things done and striking them off the bucket list/ToDo list, it is annoying when you are left to wait and pray for things to happen, when they aren’t in your control (No, I wasn’t praying for a miracle).

When you have to work towards something, you know what you’re up against. You know what you should do and how long things will take. But when things aren’t in your control, and the wait seems almost endless, it can be slightly difficult to manage. Look around and those with similar goals get it done easily, but when it comes to you Murphy seems to take special interest 😉

Ok, fast-forward to the current day. A few dreams of mine did come true. Those that I worked for and those that I had no control over.

What is interesting is, I was so focused on getting things done that I did not for a moment even stop to think of what I would do if they were indeed realized. Now the wait doesn’t seem all that important. It’s all done and shaping up well. I’d worked really hard for one of them and I was happy to see the fruits of my labor. I had prayed for something to work in a particular way and now that was taken care as well.

And now I don’t know what to do.

It took some time for the realization to sink in. Initially for a few hours I was happy, and then my mind asked ‘What next?’ I had waited for a long time for this and now it looks like just another thing. Life seems to be moving on already. As much as I was happy with the way things were, I couldn’t accept the fact that it was being treated as something trivial among a zillion others. I even started wondering if this was happening for real and if this is where I was meant to be. You know who when things start falling into picture, and the result takes you even more by surprise- that’s how I was feeling.

When I sat down to think about what happened, I was able to connect a few dots. When I’d previously done something that I thought was challenging, I was overjoyed because that was more of a starting point to get going with a few other related activities. But this time, I realized it was a stand-alone activity. So I pretty much couldn’t do anything else with that, except for that fact that I could tell about it to people about it and feel good about myself. So with that in mind, I came to accept the fact that it was for real and then went on to plan for the other things in my ToDo List.

This was a good lesson for me. I guess I had way too many expectations, which I myself am not sure of by the way, and I didn’t know how to handle it. Trust real-life experiences to teach you the best lessons in your life.

Has this happened to you? What really happens after a dream comes true? Would like to know your thoughts on this.

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  1. Concluding that something is a one-time activity is a hasty decision. Who knows, that might be useful to you after 40 years! As long as I find something interesting and useful, and I can learn something, I'll do it.

    Destination Infinity


  2. well actually i been thinking at all this in a different way and maybe something really wrong with me .. when dreams come true , yes they bring a lot of joy etc etc BUT they also bring a emptiness because we been working so hard to get there and when we reach there WHAT NEXT.. what do we do now 🙂

    Congrats on all that you have got heres wishing all your dreams come true and you DREAM MORE …



  3. Yes, it has happened with me, I spent two years getting ready for something, dreaming of something. Day and night the only thing on my mind was to make it where I wished, now that I have, I am not sure what to do with it anymore. I guess they are right when they say- there will always be a bigger table and a bigger cabin to look upon..
    That's the think about dreams, they make us go miles and when we think we have arrived, we realize that we need need something more, that we have to, need to take another step to go beyond this. That's why we live, to keep moving. but the only way to make through smiling would be to tie hopes to the journeys and not the destinations.


  4. Hey you're back 🙂

    Wonderfully said Monica. We need to tie dreams to journeys and not the destinations and the more we achieve, we always have a feeling that there are still many more miles to go 🙂


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