A few days back, the parents announced that they had to travel for a few weeks. I wasn’t exactly happy or sad, but staying alone was something I enjoyed. Of course I was going to miss my mom because she is always around when I’m home, but I was ok with that. I managed being by myself on and off for a few months in the past two years, all thanks to my nephew, so I knew I could pull it off.

So, I woke up on Saturday morning and savored by cup of coffee with the newspaper. I spent almost an hour reading and relaxing because my instincts told me that I wouldn’t get this time back, at least for a couple of hours. And then the routine started. I had to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner,  clean up the house, go to the temple, do some grocery shopping for the week and take care of laundry among the many other chores. After all this I had time to actually relax just before calling it a day.

Why bother to remember when you can put  them down in these cute Sticky Notes.

Amidst all this, I received a call from a friend. He invited me home for lunch as he thought I must be missing my parents and sitting thoroughly bored at home. I was happy he was calling on to check, but I told him I anyway had to go out in the evening and had so many things to be taken care of before that so I would come home another day. But I was getting reminded of what he said about me (sitting idle) getting bored and sitting all alone.

As much as I would like to take offense for considering that I was jobless at home (excuse me, who do you think would put something on the table for me to eat or who would actually clean up the place) since I was alone, I couldn’t understand why they assumed I would be lonely. Yes I was staying alone but I enjoyed just being by myself. I find things to keep myself occupied, and even otherwise I’d not mind just sitting in my swing and listening to some songs and munching some snacks. In short I enjoy my company. I love the quiet atmosphere and how immensely it helps organize some thoughts, plan up stuff (I’m going to sign up for keyboard classes) and come up with new ideas. Given the hectic pace of my weekdays, sometimes I like this disconnect within the comforts of my home.

If you are in a noisy environment all day, you’d definitely appreciate the silence that may come your way. I think my life is similar. I love being in a noisy environment, with loads of people around talking with each other. For that matter people always say I’m lively and enthusiastic. I love being that way. So it is only natural that sometimes I make the best use of the me-time that I might get by chance. It’s like there are two different modes and I can seamlessly switch between them as and when my mind decides to. Which brings me to the question – If one cannot enjoy their company, how can they expect others would?

So am I the only weird one here, or do people actually like to be left alone at times?