Who is your Superhero?

I met a few friends last week and we were catching up with each other’s lives.  We spoke about a few things and then the conversation veered off to superheroes. We weren’t exactly arguing who was the best, it was more of an analysis (where the Batman always stood first!). And then people were voicing out their favourite heroes.  We were still talking along the lines of fiction until one friend mentioned a real-life person whom he considered as a superhero. We got talking along those lines and it was interesting to note how small gestures could make anyone a superhero. Later, when I was driving back, I was trying to remember instances where I really thanked God for sending a superhero/guiding angel in my way.


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I was 4, mischievous to the core and really gave a tough time to anyone who had to or volunteered to look after me. I was visiting a relative’s place with my Grandma and my sister. While playing, I saw a hole along the platform. Curious to see what was in that hole I bent slightly to take a look. All I could see was a dark deep hole (dug for a bore well and unattended), I then knelt down to take a better look. Before I knew it I had slightly lost my balance. If not for a driver who happened to see me bending down and rushed to pull me back, I’m not sure how life would’ve been. At that time, I did not know why Grandma was shouting at me, and I thought she was cross that there was mud all over my dress. That driver, was an angel who came from nowhere and saved my life.

I had started working. Mom and Dad used to take turns dropping my at a bus stop that was 10 minutes from my place, so that I could board a direct bus to work.  When my parents had to travel abroad, I was wondering how I would reach the bus stop, because taking an auto or another bus from home was not an easy option. One day when I was waiting near a Police Booth for my mom to pick me up, I happened to meet a Traffic SI and was just talking to him. I asked him if there were any paid parking spots in the vicinity, and he pointed out a few which were quite far. He then asked me the reason and I told him. He realized that I would get back from office slightly late and said I could park my vehicle in the parking spot for meant for their use, for 2 months. He then gave me his phone number and asked me to contact him if anyone asked me who gave me the permission to use the parking spot. For 2 months, every night when I used to walk to the parking spot at 9 or 9.30 pm, I used to silently thank the officer who had ensured that I could travel in peace even at that time.

There have been many more such incidents where I’ve truly felt that it must have been God’s work to send an angel in disguise to help me. For me each and every one of them are some sort of guiding angels. They might have a different purpose in life but somehow they made a difference in my life without meaning to. Some of it might seem trivial for a third person, but for me it definitely made a difference. They said anybody can be a superhero, all one has to do is to believe that they are one. But there have been many others who have been doing it even without realizing that they are making a difference. I call those people my superheroes.

As much as I make it a point to thank people who help me, sometimes I’d sometimes feel guilty for not thanking people on time. To all those people out there who made a difference, thank you. You are truly a superhero! The world needs more of you.

Have you come across a superheroes in your life? Would like to hear about them!

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  1. Such a nice post 🙂 I feel we are all superheroes in our own way – the way we try masking our darkness wrestling and negotiating with our own shadows , fighting the good fight to keep from spewing our darkness on those around us.


  2. Oh boy I got a long list , have a lot of superheroes in my life.. after my parents there is One person who went all the way and picked me up in the middle of the night and took to me to the nearest hospital. I am alive because of that kind person. else god knows what would have happened by my guess is A lot of people would have avoided the pain of reading my blog he he he he he

    The world is beautiful because of the beautiful people out there



  3. Thank you Divya 🙂

    I really appreciate people who spread positive vibes either intentionally or without intending to. I've come across some very negative people so I really appreciate those who stay positive despite what they are going through!


  4. a lovely post here Ashwini….there are superheroes in everyone's life…..those who make you smile, those who help you come out of your pains……those are all superheroes too, right….?….:)


  5. Oh yes, I have had strangers pitch in and help on many occasions. I even owe my children's safety to a few good samaritans. Truly grateful for each person who comes forward to help.


  6. I can understand how grateful my mother must be to all those strangers who've helped me. It's when people dont think twice to come and help and go back without expecting anything, that makes me appreciate humanity in the truest sense!


  7. Since i have changed so many residences, cities, i have across many people who helped me, made me firmly believe in the goodness of people as general.


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