What a journey it’s been so far! 🙂

It’s been 4 years since I stepped into the corporate world. I remember by first day very well. Mom and Dad dropped me at our Training Center and I stepped into the building with a bunch of documents and a truckload of dreams. And here I am, 4 years later, standing with considerable satisfaction looking back at how things have gone so far, how incredibly lucky I’ve been and looking ahead, looking forward to the rest of the journey.


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Over the 4 years, I’ve switched between teams and this is my 3rd team.  I’ve jumped to completely different streams, which is not quite common in a predominantly technical oriented organization. I started off as a developer in Java (hey, I am an oracle certified programmer in Java!). After a year of working in Java, as much as I got to learn I got bored because I knew I’d have to keep doing the same thing over and again and I moved to a non-technical role. I had to take up an interview and some written tests and then I was ready to become a Technical writer.

I moved from a Customer role to a Corporate function and I was blown away by the exposure and the network of people I got to talk to. It was here that I had started conducting soft skills sessions (a part- time faculty) and I enjoyed conducting all those interactive sessions.  2 years into that role and I realized there was nothing more I could do anymore, and after it was clear to be that there was no proper career path from there, I jumped to another team. A team that was formed just recently and I was lucky enough to find a place there.  I’m currently a content writer of sorts and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for me.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and I’ve been extremely lucky. I use the word ‘Lucky’ a lot because it’s being in the right place and the right time and meeting the right people that has got me here. In an organization as big as ours, to move into a non-technical role and still find opportunities for growth and options to choose from is slightly challenging and I’m glad I did have options. I met the right people who told me about many aspects of the organization that most people wouldn’t have been aware of. I got to know someone because I had to shift my workstation from one block to another and my new next-cubicle acquaintance was impressed (I think!) with my blogs and after a few discussion I was in her team. It just clicked.

And how exactly did it click? People believed me and entrusted me with work. I’m not sure if I’m properly qualified to do the work that I’m doing/I’ve done. It was the belief that people had in me, and the opportunity that they had given me that has brought me here. I’ve worked with some incredible people and teams and it’s been such a great learning experience. Beyond a point, I realized that more than the qualifications it’s our attitude that matters the most. Being in a communication field, attitude and people skills definitely add to our advantage.

I know I am happy, because I don’t hate Mondays. I am as excited about my work as I am about my blog and oven. My work isn’t monotonous. I get to be creative, but with a deadline. That’s ok because I at least get to showcase something which I think, I think, I am decently good at :-). I’m really not sure what the future has in store for me as Heaven hides from its creature the holy book of fate, but whatever it is I am excitedly looking forward.