A Spell of Rain, Whose Mischief Couldn’t be Managed!

I really wish I’d received my letter from Hogwarts. I know I would have had to wait for 6 to 7 years to learn to apparate, but at least I would’ve been able to fly on a broom till then. Considering the current road conditions (the small stretch of concrete or tar amidst the potholes), I’d prefer to apparate or fly rather than ride, drive or walk in/on/around Chennai roads.

When my mom warned me about the possible rains in Chennai a week back, I didn’t give that much of a thought. Riding during the first day of the rains turned out to be a very difficult affair with reduced visibility, and with the eyes constantly trying to find a way among the vehicles, pedestrians and water puddles. On top of this, care had to be taken to avoid getting drenched by the water splashes from bigger vehicles, which could have been wonderfully Instragramed through Slow-motion video in my camera. I was skeptical about riding right through the puddles since it proved difficult to guess how deep the puddles were, so I had to avoid all the short-cuts and take the main roads. Somehow I managed to reach office and vowed not to take my two wheeler to work for a few days.

So the next day, as it continued to pour I decided to take a cab. After missing almost 5 cabs by a few seconds, I finally managed to book one. The driver said he would need 20 minutes to come. I would have been completely fine even if he had said he would need an hour. Once I got into the cab, the driver gave me an update of what was going on in the city and he said that almost all the main roads were flooded. He even asked me why I was working today and then in the next half an hour he continued his rants about the pathetic conditions of the city. I decided to shut up and not argue because I realized that it was not the right time to prove how much I love the city, and I had nothing to argue against. I managed to reach work, and spent the day mostly worrying about how to walk to the cafeteria in the adjacent block and how to get back home.

The following Monday, I struggled to find a cab. After a few attempts I gave up and decided to work from home. A few hours later, as I watched the news and the incessant downpour, for once I knew I’d done the right thing and continued to work with frequent trips to the kitchen. At the end of the day I was happy as I’d managed to avoid all the hassles of travelling in those conditions. After the previous week’s adventures I was happy that it turned out to be a good day.

I opted to work from home even the next day, keeping in mind the water logged situation. I guess I pushed my luck a bit too much. An hour later I realized that the power was out and the inverter’s battery was about to drain. I immediately tried charging my phone and laptop. Promptly a few minutes later, the inverter conked. I managed to check mails and get some work done through my phone’s hotspot. This went on for some time till my laptop said good night and went off to sleep. My phone was threatening to follow suit. I prayed and prayed and finally the power was back after an hour, just when my phone was about to get switched off. I couldn’t wait to get back to my normal routine.

I thought luck was completely against me. How wrong I’d been. Scores of people were stranded at various places even without the basic amenities or a place to go. Braving all odds, there were some wonderful souls who were trying to reach out to as many people and help them in some way possible. That’s when I realized how lucky I was to have something to eat and to be able to stay away from the rains without having to wade through knee deep waters and remain within the comforts of my home. That’s when I realized how handicapped it felt without power for just half a day. That’s when I thought I should stop complaining about power fluctuations, when there were far better problems to be tackled.

That’s when I realized, I should actually stop complaining in the first place and count my blessings.

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