2015 – The Year that Was!

Keeping up with the tradition of posting the yearly round-up, I decided to analyse and write about how 2015 had an impact on me. Before I could delve any deeper on the events, I was sure of one thing though. I had no idea on Jan 1st, 2015 that this is how my life would shape up. On Jan 1st 2016, when I was thinking of how the previous year went by, the first thing that got my attention was how different my original plans were, and despite going-with-the-flow and taking very many diversions, how grateful I am to be here.

If I had to describe 2015 as briefly as possible, I would have to say that it was the Year of Risks. Some of them paid off, thankfully; while some of them didn’t (giving me more topics to blog about, talk about silver lining ;-)).


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Personally, it was another eventful year. Many highs, many lows, and they all finally added up to give me a pretty decent experience. A few things went the way I’d planned, and a few things did take an unexpected turn. I was happy that I was prepared to handle things, rather than just standing without knowing what to do. I wish I’d attempted a lot more things that I’d planned to do and wish I’d stayed away from a few things which didn’t go well with me. Anyway, there has to be a first time for many things and I thought I should consider it as something that I tried and failed and then just move on to try better things.

I did get to write, but wish I wrote more. I did spend time with loved ones, but wish I got some more time. I did run 2 more marathons, but wish I’d got to train better. I did get into a good fitness routine, but wish I’d got to spend dedicated time in my routine. I did bake more cakes and try new flavours, but I’m looking to experiment with healthy dessert and other eating options. I did get to read, but wish I got to read more. I attempted Zumba (a new activity for the year) and loved it, but for the want of time, I had to give it up after 2 months.

If there is one thing I could have managed better, I wish I had managed my time in a better way. I realized that being the Jack of all trades was no mean feat. I realized that having way too many interests which requires a dedicated schedule or time would work only with meticulous planning. That’s when I took a call on what I was doing and gave up on many things which I felt were just occupying my time and not letting me concentrate on other interests.

Even as I write this, I’m reminded of a few goals for 2015, which I hope would probably see the light of day in 2016. As much as I’m happy when I check off my goals for the year, I’m equally happy to remind myself that human beings were never designed to be perfect and that’s a very good reason to not bother too much with those half-completed activities.

I’m a human, and I’m not perfect and I know it 🙂

2016 started off on a wonderful note and this is indeed going to be a very special year for me, for more reasons that one, and I cannot wait to get started to see what’s in store.

So, how was 2015 for you and what have you planned for 2016?

10 thoughts on “2015 – The Year that Was!

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  1. 2 marathons and many other activities are a feat in themselves.
    I agree fully that a proper routine is a must, it's all about time management and doing per your priorities.

    Good luck with 2016 😊


  2. 2015 was smooth for me, but am planning to take major risks in 2016. Let's see how it goes. Read: How I fail 😉 But I have come to a conclusion that failure is an essential part of success because it teaches a lot and crushes the ego.

    I am a fan of the 80-20 peretto principle which says we get 80% of our results from 20% of our activities. So we ought to constantly monitor and remove undesirable activities, except if they are fun.

    Destination Infinity


  3. Looks like 2015 was good for you 🙂 Hope 2016 turns out to be even more rocking! May you achieve more of your dreams and may you find happiness always!


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