Does everything happen for a reason?

You are on a mission. You want to get a nice silk saree. You are guided to a particular section of the store based on your preferences. You randomly tell your colour and design preferences and then you are shown numerous sarees that match your description. Beyond this people proceed in a different way. Some narrow down options by elimination, while some others do it by careful selection. A lot of thinking goes behind the scenes.

Consider another scenario. Your mom asks you to get a packet of Gulab Jamun mix. She specifies that she wants only the MTR packet. So you go to the store and head to the appropriate section and look out specifically for what you have in mind. And then you get to the section where there are hundreds of other packets, with the same name. You just pick one at random not worrying about which of the 100 packets you need to pick because they’re all the same.

So, some things happen for a reason and for some other things – they just happen.

All my life, I grew up listening to my Grandpa tell me repeatedly that whatever happens, is for a reason. Perhaps even a good reason. He also mentioned that, it might be difficult for us to initially accept negative results, but we need to learn to accept things and take them in our stride. While one part of me started following this and took whatever came in a positive way and believed there was a reason for something to happen, there was one part of my mind that couldn’t see the logic behind this. Don’t some things just happen sub-consciously? I mean, is there a reason that my mind sub consciously chooses to pick a chocolate from 10 others of exactly the same brand?

When I happened to discuss this with my mother, she spoke about the power of the subconscious mind. It might appear that we do certain things casually, but may be deep down we are programmed to do certain things in a certain way, even without realizing it. But for certain other things, we agreed that it might not necessarily have a reason behind its occurrence. The other day, I was in a bad mood while driving and I got annoyed when the signal turned red just before it was my turn to cross the junction. I convinced myself the world was conspiring against me. Once I’d calmed down, I figured I was just over-reacting because of the bad mood I was in. So this signal turning red, did not necessarily have a reason, I just made up one.

To classify things broadly (based on our conversation), whatever we do – the decisions that our brain conveys to the rest of the system, is based on some pre-determined algorithm, while those things that happen to us (things that we have no control of) may or may not have a reason behind it. Some people read too much into everything that is beyond their control and say that it’s God’s way of conveying something to them. While some others prefer to go my logic. Some are in between the two, believing in co-incidence and things that are meant to happen in a particular way.

Since things were getting slightly technical, we decided to conclude that, “Some things happen, they just dont need any reason.”

Despite all this discussion, I dont think my mom was convinced when I said I had no role to play in the Lays pack that had magically found its way to my grocery shopping items πŸ™‚

β€˜It just happened ma, trust me! ;-)’

10 thoughts on “Does everything happen for a reason?

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  1. I am convinced that we are being controlled. By someone or something, somewhere. I want to find out who it is and why they're doing it.

    We are ingrained with a deep sense of destiny in order to accept that certain things are not in our hands, I think. Otherwise we'll all be loathing in self-pity trying to achieve the impossible (and failing)!

    Destination Infinity
    PS: So there should've been a reason for the lays packet to have found a place in your bag πŸ˜‰


  2. Right, there is logic behind everything. I pick bottles or packets from back as I feel they are untouched. We all have some or the other reason. It also shows our personality. Whether we are picky or casual. LOL on the magical appearance of Lays packet.


  3. To think of it, aren't we all machines that are controlled by the brain? We are perfoming actions based on some algorithms that are running. Wish I got to know more about it πŸ™‚

    And yes, I'm sure there was a reason πŸ™‚


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