Not just a Utopian Dream!

Last weekend I finally caught up with Zootopia. The movie was wonderful. I’m a great fan of these animation movies (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched Kung Fu Panda, Ratatouille and Inside Out). The beauty of these movies lies in how wonderfully they convey a strong message in a very simple and subtle manner. Most of these movie plots, work on some theme which people of all ages can easily relate to. I’ve realized that I’m drawn to movies which focus on hard work and the ones that emphasize on how you don’t need to be special to be able to do anything.

 That is perhaps why Zootopia struck a chord with me because I could relate to all what the movie was trying to say,

  • Anyone can be anything
  • It’s unfair to be prejudiced against an entire community because of a few
  • There will always be people trying to put you down- you just have to ignore them.

Anyone can be anything

If you randomly picked 10 people and asked them if they were happy with what they were doing, it would be safe to assume that just 50% would probably say yes and the rest might not say so. All of us have dreams when we’re young, but along the way some of us lose sight of what we want to do and resort to doing something else, more as a necessity. One has to be more practical than emotional when it comes to choosing one’s life but if we aren’t happy with the way we have shaped up our life, what is the whole point? Aren’t we supposed to be the architects of our lives?

I wish I could respond with a resounding yes, but at least for us Indians there are a lot of stakeholders to satisfy when it comes to living our life the way we want it. Of course parents these days are really cool about letting their kids choose their paths, but sadly that’s not the case everywhere. We are bound by so many restrictions that some just give up and get into a routine which makes them hate the life they’re leading. Only when I look at a few such people, do I realize how lucky I’ve been to be able to do anything (ahem, *calculated* risks), as far as I have some strong reason or passion backing my decision.

Don’t generalize your prejudices

How common have prejudices become today? No wonder we’re more surprised when people are good to us than when people behave badly with us. As in, from the world being a good place, with some exceptions, nowadays people look at it as a bad place with some exceptions and hence the reason behind people being surprised with good behavior. We have the most silly prejudices for every category of human beings that the can mind can classify. I am equally guilty of that too. Things would have been better if it were all just in the mind and if people weren’t too vocal about their prejudices. Sigh, one can only hope!

Keep Calm and Ignore!

You know how elders say, if you don’t have anything good to say, please don’t say anything. I really wish many followed this. This is not about learning to take constructive feedback, but it is highly annoying when some people come out of nowhere, with no idea of what you’re doing, but speaking in the most negative manner (more out of jealousy than being concerned or practical). So instead of trying to shut them up; they have the right to sound silly; we can try to shut our minds against such negative thoughts and curate what thoughts and ideas get inside our mind. Luckily, we all have that choice. So we should just quit worrying about those people, because at the end you know who has the last laugh.

When I was done with the movie, I looked around and at least till what I saw, I couldn’t find any kid in the theater. Still, I could guess that the crowd had enjoyed the movie, the smiles on their faces made that clear. Who said animation movies were only for kids? I beg to differ, and for good reason!

 Image Courtesy : Flickr

12 thoughts on “Not just a Utopian Dream!

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  1. Even though it is stretching things to describe Zootopia as a metaphor, its message of racial tolerance is a very good lesson for everyone.


  2. I do whatever I want. If people around me discourage me, I get more energized to do that very thing. I am strange that way! 😛

    I wonder if people tell negative things about us directly on our face. Many don't. If a few do, its good to think about it. If we still feel it's not relevant, we could just ignore and move on. Why people allow others' opinions to affect them is something I cannot understand.

    Destination Infinity


  3. Now that is something to think of .. wisdom…

    I long for the day when I would be able to do what i want to when i want too , at moment so much going on , family pressures other pressures etc etc ..

    Although I will say that I love what i am doing at job.. 🙂



  4. I did not watch the movie, and may or may not watch it. However the first lesson that you have elaborated here has a very deep meaning. How majority of us ending satisfying the necessity of life than the need of life.


  5. Good for you Bikram! We human beings still need to come to a point where emotional attachment and family pressures shouldnt influence our decisions unless we want them to!


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