Of the days gone by!

I was pretty sure June 2016 would be the most memorable month of my life. Not only because I was getting married, but also because my dear ones were all coming for the wedding and I had planned for a holiday. I was really looking forward to all the rituals because that meant I would get to spend more time with everyone. At the back of my mind a clock was ticking and I knew the family time would last only for a while, so I was determined to make the best out of it. Amidst the rituals, dinners and get togethers and it was obvious everyone wanted to make the best of the few weeks that was available. It was all laughs and smiles. I knew it would be memorable. I knew I’d remember it all my life.

A month away from all that madness- here I am in July wondering how the previous month sped away. The wedding is done, the get togethers are done, the vacation is done and everyone is almost back to their routines. Sometimes when I look back, I hope to recollect all June happenings of the last month. As fast as it happened, it looks like it went on a 2x speed and now I’m having trouble remembering clearly what all we did. It’s all very vague until someone else tags along and we start speaking about what we did. We take time and pause and slowly recollect the events. I had taken very few photos because we hardly had time for that and I really wanted to have fun in person instead of taking a picture every minute. Thankfully the random photos threw some light and helped recollect the happenings of the previous month.

Sometimes it’s like, did the wedding really happen last month or was it all just a figment of my imagination? Did people actually come all the way and spend time or was it me in my parallel universe imagining that all this happened. We counted months, weeks and days to June and just a month away , it looks like it all happened so long ago. When we all start talking about it in Whatsapp and Skype we reminisce about how things happened the last month and the slowly the visualizations in my mind are clear.

My grandma said this is how things always happen.

We look forward to an event. We plan months in advance preparing for the event and we spend every living minute talking and breathing about it and our excitement knows no bounds. As the D-Day approaches, the excitement levels are at an all time high and after the D-Day, things suddenly seem to work in a 10x speed and before you realise it’s all over. Even if it’s been just over a month it would seem like eons ago.

Life moves on, sometimes in a pace so quick that it might be mildly scary when you think about it.

One day you tell yourself your life will never be the same again and you will definitely miss a place or an event or even a person. As the days fly by, you realise that you begin to adjust to the new environment or in the absence of what made up your environment once upon a time. Once in a while you look at something and get reminded of those wonderful days you thought you’d never ever forget in your life and after a while your normal life resumes.

And then one day, you think about those good old days! Despite thoroughly enjoying every minute of the excitement and having fun with all your near and dear ones, when you get back to your routine you can’t stop thinking about the days gone by, even if its just over a month.  Amidst the routine, you take time to think about the wonderful moments that, the smiles and the laughs and the tears alike. The more you think about them, you feel better, initially. And then the sadness creeps in. Like a syringe, it slowly takes you down and all you want is just another chance to go back there and enjoy it all over again.

Just one chance even if it means just for a few seconds.

If only!

18 thoughts on “Of the days gone by!

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  1. Wish you a very happy married life. Loved reading this post, its called life, it moves on leaving beautiful memories in our mind, waise bhi…Yadein hamesha dard hi deta hai,,,because you cant relive those moments.


  2. Congratulations on your wedding. To think of the same phase of myself; I think, mine was more of a formal affair. I literally doesn't even remember any preparations made or any looking fwd for getto. As it was more worrisome to think that you are getting married…hehe, the feminist me was in action I suppose… 🙂


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