I hate interruptions.

As much as I’m known for my ability to speak for a considerable period of time in a conversation, I ensure I take a pause every now and then. It gives them a breathing space to assimilate my messages. However I simply hate it when I’m explaining something and people keep asking 101 questions even without having the patience to listen to what I’m trying to say. Most questions would’ve been completely avoided if they hadn’t interrupted and paid attention to what I was saying.

In my previous role at work, I was a part-time soft skills trainer. As much as I loved conducting training sessions, there were a few things which used to put me off, though I eventually learned to handle them. I always say that people can ask questions during the course of the session and don’t have to wait till the end of the session. I assumed that people would at least hear me out and let me finish a point before jumping into their own conclusions and throwing questions at me. I understand people want to get their doubts cleared, but at least let the other person complete their sentence? It’s just like how Google sometimes doesn’t even allow you to complete typing your query and throws pages after pages of what it thinks you are looking for! Sigh. Am I asking too much?

I hate interruptions while writing too.

No, not the I-need-to-cut-off-human-contact-till-I-write-a-blog interruptions. I’m happy writing on anything that doesn’t throw notifications every now on the pretext of trying to help you and the red squiggly lines that appear on the screen, courtesy Microsoft office. It’s one thing when you’re trying to type as fast as you can and convert the rapid flow of thoughts to words, and it’s another thing when your word processor keeps pinpointing all the mistakes (Oh for God’s sake let me just write down all of that before I forget the context!) trying to distract your attention. You know the system is trying to make things simpler, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

One fine day, I noticed something which happened to be a panacea of sorts. It had been there all along right in front of my eyes and I had conveniently overlooked it.

Hello Notepad!

Life has been amazing ever since I started writing in Notepad. I can focus just on what I want to write and customise the font styles in a single click, I don’t have to worry about the annoying indents and spaces and the numbered lists and of course the red lines. I keep typing on and on till I have converted all my thoughts into words unmindful of the typos or grammar or words that couldn’t make it to the screen in the process of transfer. And you know what, it makes a world of a difference to the way I write. It’s like I can just go on without an interruptions and the flow of thoughts is just amazing. Sometimes I wish I could type faster because to keep up with the rate at which my mind throws those thoughts and words cloud. I’m a happier person today. I’ve never even bothered to use Notepad all these years and all of a sudden it’s my lifeline. I cannot write without Notepad when I’m trying to focus. The minimalist design ensures that my focus is just on writing. Such a win!

I then realised it’s not just about writing or speaking. It’s about allowing things of interest to take its own course without forcefully trying to carve a path for it. It’s about allowing certain things to remain the way it is and giving it space to go ahead with its flow. It’s about letting things be the way they are without trying to make them the way you want it to be. Because, you would notice that most of the time things are better taken care of by themselves, if we just go with the flow. It’s about focussing on the one thing that you want to get done at any point of time.

So next time before you do something, take a moment to reflect on whether you are interrupting or aiding the process. Because you never know the consequences of interrupting a child who wants to share his dream with you or interrupting a friend when she has an idea to share with you. You never know!