Book Review : The Calling by Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is a motivational speaker and has written 8 books of which “I Am Another You” was a national bestseller. She has many international awards to her credit. This book “The Calling” falls in the genre of Inspiration and Personal Growth. The book is about how Arjun, whose life lies in a big mess and whose work and life isn’t going where he wanted it to. He takes a trip to the Himalayas on a whim after he meets a sadhu who convinces him that making that spiritual trip would help him uncover what went wrong in his life and how he could set things straight.

Arjun is a character which most of us an relate to. Sometimes life reaches a point when you are too familiar with everything and everyone around and you seem to be going nowhere. You might either be the victim of the circumstances or you might actually have inadvertently sowed the seeds to your own misery. So when Arjun meets with an accident and miraculously escapes, he happens to meet a Sadhu who coaxes him to travel to Hemkund Sahib convincing him that the journey would help him understand the nuances of his own life.

After a point in life, you just let go of everything you have been clinging on to for far too long. Being thrown to such a situation, Arjun sets on a trip with his friend Jay to untangle himself from the false sense of importance, his guilt and the other things that had led him to his present depressing state. He meets his mysterious transporter who seems to be spiritually inclined and has a very calm demeanour. Through a series of events, they meet another Sadhu who insists that Arjun take his place since Arjun had freed him from his Sadhna. When Arjun refuses, they agree that the Sadhu would given a test and if Arjun passes the test he is free to go. What happens after that and how Arjun gets enlightened forms the remaining part of the story.

I liked how the author conveys that we all know the answers for the questions we are seeking and if only we could take a step deeper and away from the superficial aspects of life, will we be able to get a better clarity on what we have been doing. Though this falls under the category of yet another book to inspire you and to find your true calling, I liked how the author introduced bits and parts of philosophy in between the story so that you still remained in the plot and did not diverge way too much. Having read quite a few books in this genre, I felt some of them were repetitive, but that could be just me. So I would give this a 6/10, for the impeccable writing and the way the author carried the plot. If you haven’t read any books on inspiration and personal growth, then I would definitely recommend you to pick this book.

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