There is something magical about time. You can live in the present, relive the wonderful memories of the past or visualise future dreams in anticipation. Perhaps that is why the concept of time travel has been so exciting, and any movie focussing on time travel has always been an easy favourite.

A few days back I happened to watch this movie – About Time. It is a wonderful movie where the hero gets to know about a special ability that the men in his family are gifted with the ability to go back in time. The movie is about how in the initial years he makes the maximum use of this gift and goes back to specific times where he could change the course of the day, in his favour. When the hero asks his dad how he had spent his gift, the dad says that he went back in time to read all of his favourite books.

Yes, you read that right. Books.

I was wondering why on earth someone would go back in time just to read books and then I remembered how my reading habit has drastically come down and how many times I’ve wished I could get more time on my hands to read all those books I’ve been wanting to. Fair enough. And as someone who is not that big a risk taker to actually go back and rewrite history (even if I had the power to), going back to read sounds like a definitely good move.

Anyway, that’s not my only favourite part of the movie.

The best part of the movie for me was when the father summons his son while he prepares to gracefully exit the world and gives him one great word of advice. He asks his son to live each day twice. During the first time, he is to spend his day like any normal 30 year old, with all the stress and irritation and disappointments and just live life the way it comes. And then, he is to relive the same day again but during the second time, the father asks his son to make an effort to live the same life in a happier, cheerful and positive way, paying attention to details (like smiling at the person who serves you coffee) and to the emotions of those around.

What if you got a chance to live every day of your life twice, and in two different ways?

I often see people cribbing that they environments are in are too negative, but hey you can definitely be a catalyst and bring about the change you want, right? One person is all it takes to make a difference in a group, be it the most chirpy person or the most annoying person. When you’re minding your own life and not paying attention to what’s around, you miss out on a lot of things in life. But when you’re looking around, smiling at others, participating in other’s happiness and laughing aloud with people it definitely makes a difference in your life because sharing someone’s happiness or just smiling back at someone who smiled at you will also make you happy.

And what happens when you  consciously do something for a considerable period of time? It sticks to you and becomes a habit. After months of practising to live each day twice, the hero finally realises he doesn’t need to go back in time to set things right, he could very well do it right the first time.

I loved this movie. It was like trying to get a closer look at things that we normally tend to overlook because we’re busy living our life. So that got me thinking, if I were to get this gift I would probably do the same thing. Try living life in a happier way till it becomes a habit. Oh wait, I think I can try doing that even without the gift.

So, If you were given the ability to go back in time, as exciting as it might sound and even though the prospects loom large, what would you be doing? Like everyone else, would you start off by thinking something about the greater good or would you go back to amending your ways?

Image Courtesy : Pixabay