The Year that Was.

Warning: This is my mandatory yearly round up post.

2016 was a great year for me. Touchwood. Of course there were crappy days too, but some of the days stood out and overshadowed the other days, so much so that I’d gladly re-live 2016 just for the highlights. Like any other year, this year too flew by so quickly that I felt the ending was slightly abrupt because I was just back from a vacation and December 31st happened too soon.

Anyway, coming to the top highlights of this year.

#5. Moving to a new home

Yes. I finally moved to WordPress. I was reluctant to leave blogger after all it has done for me, but at some point I knew I would have to move. As much as I loved blogger, it feels great to have a blog with my name. It makes you feel important. And so here’s to hopefully more writing, in and outside the blog. And thanks to all those who have still stuck around, despite everything 🙂

#4. Doing something I’m passionate about

Professionally too, this has been a wonderful year. In 2015 I switched teams at work (again) and found work that gave me the satisfaction of doing something that was really worth it. The fact that I could experiment with roles and don several hats did make it more interesting. And the fact that I was able to carve an identity and establish myself among other veterans made it more worthy.

#3. Finding Mr. Right

Finally, I found my Mr. Right. So long story short, I was friends with this guy and then suddenly cupid struck and then we knew this was it. Given how relationships are these days, I’m happy that I got to know him well (I think) and then proceed. The fact that he is my ice cream sponsor for life, gets me way more excited than anything else 😀

#2. Spending time with my sister

After so many years, I got to spend almost 4 weeks with my sister, thanks to my engagement and wedding and a vacation. My sister and I are very close now, but when we were kids I think we troubled the hell out of mom by fighting almost every living minute. And now we can’t wait to talk to each other and share everything possible. She is my best friend. With all this, it felt great to spend time with her shopping, laughing and eating rather than fighting 😉

#1. Getting published in The Hindu

All these years I used to write ‘to’ The Open Page and in sections where reader’s contributions were encouraged, with hopes of being published. When luck was on my side, my posts would get featured. This year, after a couple of mails, I got to write ‘for’ The Hindu Thread (The Hindu’s web only version) and it was a pleasure to see my article published and to see my pic in the Author’s page. Now that’s a dream come true for me 🙂

So, thank you 2016. I will forever remember you and cherish you, despite what the world around me says about you.


Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos

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